Young Bucks Opinion On Hardy Boyz, Original Drew McIntyre Plan

original drew mcintyre plan

The Young Bucks recently talked about their personal feelings towards the WWE Hardy Boyz. In other news, the original Drew McIntyre plan has been revealed.

Young Bucks Would Love To Face The Hardy Boyz

The Young Bucks want to face The Hardy Boyz

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Young Bucks praised The Hardy Boyz. In fact, they referred to the team as “the best ever”.

 “It’s Matt and Jeff Hardy. They’re the greatest ever. There’s so many ways that you measure that and I know that we say it’s an opinion but at the same time this is a box office business and Matt and Jeff Hardy are the biggest box office tag team act in the history of the business. Could we ever reach those numbers that they hit?

The Young Bucks are arguably one of the best tag teams in the world at the moment. A match against the actual Hardy Boyz would be unbelievable. 

Is There A Hardy Boyz Versus The Young Bucks Match In The Future?

The Hardy Boyz

A match with the Hardy Boyz could be more difficult than you might think. Even though Matt Hardy is working for AEW, the same cannot be said for Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy recently signed a new deal with the WWE. So, the chance of him moving to AEW are very slim indeed.

But no need to despair. Both Hardy Boyz have several years left in their career, so I would not rule out a match between the tag teams in the future.

Original Drew McIntyre Plans

Original Drew McIntyre Plans

It was recently revealed that there were some original Drew McIntyre plans for WrestleMania 26. Interestingly enough, these plans never happened.

Drew McIntyre was originally scheduled to face none other than The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. After all, he was Vince McMahon’s chosen one. 

Drew did not learn about the match until much later.

“That’s what I heard (about facing The Undertaker), after the fact. I wasn’t told directly. It was supposed to build to a match with ‘Taker, I was always told. But I heard you know basically from Shawn, afterwards, I got to spend some time with Shawn, work with Shawn but that was the plan and then obviously Mania had the great Shawn and Taker match, the retirement match. But if I had that match at the time, it wouldn’t have been what it could have been, should have been.”

Unfortunately, we all know how Drew’s first run in the WWE ended. Fortunately, he broke the cycle and eventually became champion.

Was This A Good Thing?

Drew McIntyre

While Drew McIntyre would have loved a match against the iconic Undertaker, Drew continues to say that it was not the right time. In fact, he states he was not ready for the match against the Undertaker at the time.

Instead, we got the iconic match between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. This is a classic match until this day.

It took Drew some time in the indies and some additional training to become Vince’s chosen one again. But in the end, Vince’s prophecy became a reality.