WWE And AEW Wrestlers Who Will Determine The 2021 Landscape

WWE and AEW wrestlers who will have the biggest impact on the 2021 pro wrestling landscape

There are many WWE and AEW wrestlers that will form the pro wrestling landscape in 2021. But which of these wrestlers will have the largest impact according to Ringside Intel?


Sting recently made a return to AEW

Sting may be well into his sixties, but he has years left of his career. In fact, he recently made a big return to TNT television.

Contrary to some of the other people on our list, Sting has been around for a very long time. Nevertheless, his name and his extensive career make him one of the most interesting people on the 2021 pro wrestling landscape.

The icon Sting returning to AEW television has been a game changer. And it looks like he will be one of the WWE and AEW wrestlers to make the biggest difference in 2021.

Kenny Omega

WWE and AEW wrestlers who will dictate the pro wrestling landscape in 2021

Another addition in our overview of the WWE and AEW wrestlers is none other than Kenny Omega. And why wouldn’t he be?

Kenny Omega has been one of the most exciting indie wrestlers over the past decade. Of course, him joining AEW drew a lot of attention to the brand in the first place.

Omega spent most of his time in the tag team division alongside Hangman Adam Page. However, he recently captured the AEW Championship, which means there are more singles matches to come.

Kenny Omega will have a massive impact on the pro wrestling landscape of 2021. Not only is he likely to go into the year with the title, he also has his eyes on a bigger cooperation with NJPW.

Sasha Banks

WWE And AEW Wrestlers Who Will Determine the 2021 Landscape

There are few women in the pro wrestling landscape that have the star power of Sasha Banks. Whether she is champion or having a regular match, she always makes sure everything is star quality.

Sasha Banks was finally rewarded for her efforts these past couple of years with a decent title run. Of course, this was long overdue.

If the WWE stays on course with Sasha Banks as the champion, she could form the female pro wrestling landscape of 2021.

Of course, it seems like the WWE does not have much of a choice when it comes to their women’s division. After all, nobody can deny that Sasha Banks is the biggest draw for female pro wrestling.

Darby Allin

WWE And AEW Wrestlers Who Will Determine the 2021 Landscape

There is some up-and-coming talent in our overview of AEW and WWE wrestlers that will form the 2021 pro wrestling landscape. One such talent is Darby Allin.

Allin ended the year strong after capturing the title from Cody Rhodes. And it seems that there are a lot of potential feuds in the works for the TNT Champion.

One of the feuds that could happen in 2021 is Sting versus Darby Allin. A hint of a feud already happened upon the return of Sting.

When Sting made his debut, he and Darby had a bit of a stare down. So, it seems that the two might actually be heading for a collision course.

There are plenty of other feuds that are possible for Darby Allin in 2021. One of these is with former TNT champion Cody Rhodes.

For now, Cody is preoccupied with Shaq. However, I expect that this will all change in 2021, as Cody might be chasing the TNT Championship once more.

Alexa Bliss

Female Wrestlers to watch in the WWE

One of the pro wrestlers that had a really weird year is Alexa Bliss. Of course, that weird year seems to be a wonderful one at the same time.

Outside of professional wrestling, big news hit the media waves as it was revealed the WWE superstar got engaged to Ryan Cabrera. This is great news after the breakdown of her relationship with fellow WWE star Buddy Murphy.

Alexa Bliss also stood out professionally this year. After all, she joined forces with none other than the Fiend.

Because of her association with the Fiend, Alexa Bliss’ character had a complete overhaul. However, Alexa’s character always had an edge.

Alexa’s edge came to a whole new level alongside The Fiend though. And there are dozens of potential feuds currently open to her.

One of the great potential feuds I would love to see is Alexa Bliss versus Sasha Banks. Banks is a star quality champion and Alexa Bliss could go toe to toe with her.

If the Fiend does not have a feud at one point, Bliss could have the spotlight turned on her. A women’s feud would be the perfect way to do that.

Up until now, Alexa has pretty much been accompanying and serving the Fiend. How great would it be if Alexa could use the Fiend’s power in an actual championship match.

And how wonderful would it be if Alexa Bliss could become women’s champion in 2021. The way it stands now, there is a big chance that could happen.

Of course, the WWE needs to take the attention away from Bray Wyatt and onto Alexa Bliss. I predict this could happen around summer or autumn next year.

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley

It is difficult to imagine Jon Moxley having an even better year than he’s had. In 2020, he became a dominant champion who tore through the competition.

Of course, Kenny Omega recently took the title away from Moxley. However, the way the title was taken leaves the road open for some good old fashioned Moxley revenge.

2021 will be a big year for Moxley either way. Near the end of this year, Moxley revealed that his wife Renee Paquette was expecting their first child.

It is currently unclear how much time off Jon Moxley will be taking. However, we expect that it will be somewhat similar to Seth Rollins.

Since he lost the title, things have been a bit quieter around Jon Moxley. Evidently, this could have something to do with the recent pregnancy reveal.

Moxley also had an incredibly busy year being such a dominant champion. He has also been one of the main people drawing an audience to AEW.

Needless to say, Moxley should be one of the main people at AEW in 2021. So, he will be dictating the wrestling landscape for 2021 in a major way.

Let us know who you think might be a stand-out star in 2021!

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