Who’s Wrestling With The Naughty Or Nice List?

naughty or nice list

The Christmas holiday is upon us, and it’s time for us to see who’s wrestling with the Naughty And Nice list this year!

Who’s Wrestling With The Naughty Or Nice List?

2020 has been one of the most unique, unfortgettable, unpredictable years any of us can remember…and it’s almost over! So, who’s wrestling with the Naughty or Nice list this year?

naughty or nice list

On the Naughty List…

Well, we’ve got plenty to choose from here, as we do every year. After all, wrestling is a world filled with faces and heels…with heels kind of actually TRYING to land here.

So…who was so bad they just HAD to be included? And, it isn’t always going to be a wrestler, but something that impacted wrestling could show up too…

And right off the bat…

COVID and the global pandemic

This one was just too obvious, but it had to be said. March rolled around and shut everything down.

This meant no fans, no live shows, no professional wrestling as we have known it. The results post-lockdown were not always great.

Beyond the changes to the live and taped product, the travel restrictions saw us go months without Superstars. Some, in fact, have yet to come back.

Speaking of returns…

Roman Reigns

We can say, without a doubt, that Roman Reigns had a most unique year.

In April, he was expected to clash with Goldberg in Tampa for what was then Goldberg’s Universal Championship.

That didn’t happen. Reigns bowed out of WrestleMania, citing health concerns, and the shot went to Braun Strowman.

In the months after, Reigns was an afterthought. Many figured we wouldn’t see him return until the pandemic was under control.

Instead, he returned in August at SummerSlam. He shocked us all by returning as a heel, and shortly after he returned, he claimed the belt he should have won in April.

Since August, everything that the Head of the Table has done has earned him a spot on the Naughty List.

Nia Jax

Throughout 2020, Nia Jax remains unable to shake accusations of being unsafe in the ring. That’s one reason for her to show up on the list.

The other good reason? How many tables has Nia Jax broken by using poor Lana as a battering ram?

Randy Orton

The Legend Killer continued to add to his list in 2020, which helped keep him on the Naughty List.

At the same time, he had perhaps his most impressive year yet, but in a totally naughty way.

Vince McMahon

I feel like a Naughty List wouldn’t be complete without mention of Mr. McMahon…so here it is.

Vince gets a spot because, well, he’s Vince. He earns the ire of so many fans because of how stubborn he can be.

Like, sometimes he pushes people in spite of fan reactions, and that drives fans crazy.

So…who’s on the Nice List?

If there’s a Naughty List, there has to be a Nice List…so here we go!

The WWE Production Crew

Look, if the pandemic is the top heel, perhaps the crew should be the biggest name on the Nice List.

Why? Because after that first run of shows taped in bunches, where the Performance Center pulled duty it was never expected to pull…WWE got really creative.

The result? We returned to live shows at ThunderDome, with sort of live fans.

Was it ideal? No, of course not.

But it’s worked, it’s made shows infinitely more watchable, and it’s as close to normalcy as we are likely to get.

Beyond ThunderDome, that crew has been responsible for some of the cinematic matches we got this year (‘Taker-Styles, Edge-Orton, Wyatt-Strowman swamp fight).

Bray Wyatt

This is a name that, when Santa looks at it, he may scratch his head.

fun house

However, WWE did turn him face, and realistically, fans have cheered for Wyatt long before any official turn.

2020 once again showed how versatile and inventive Wyatt and his characters can be.

Becky Lynch

OK, this one might seem odd, because The Man barely worked in 2020.

However, she gave us one of the feel good moments, where she showed Asuka that the women’s Money In The Bank briefcase held not a contract, but Becky’s title.

Lynch announced on RAW that she was pregnant and leaving the ring, giving Asuka the title.

Since then, Becky Lynch and fiancee Seth Rollins welcomed their daughter into the world.


I mean…he came back from a retirement. Doctors said he’d never wrestle again…and he did!

Edge Return Date Delayed

He shocked us at the Royal Rumble, one of the loudest pops all year (in part because we only had live crowds for a few months).

We got a couple matches out of him, but a promise of more for 2021.

Triple H

If his father in law lands on the Naughty List, it seems fair to put Hunter opposite him.

Hunter continues to drive NXT forward, and the brand is poised to add a show or two in the new year.

There are likely plenty of fans who would love nothing more than to see Vince retire and Hunter replace him on RAW and SmackDown.

The Undertaker

OK, so this one is a bonus one. However, we got the apparent final farewell of The Undertaker at 2020’s Survivor Series.

farewell to the undertaker

That was the exclamation point on a good final year, and on a great career.

If you missed his match against AJ Styles from WrestleMania, check that out. Add in The Last Ride, too.

So, WNZ readers, who landed on your naughty or nice list this year?