Where Is Lars Sullivan, Talk Of The Rock Working WrestleMania 38

Lars Sullivan The Rock

While we saw him return around the WWE Draft, where is Lars Sullivan now? Also, we’ve got news on why The Rock is more likely for WrestleMania 38 and not the next installment.

Where Is Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan has had an interesting 2020, and while he did make a return to WWE just a couple months back…where is Lars Sullivan now?

The answer may be a bit of a surprise, and perhaps should be cause for concern.

where is lars sullivan

According to several media reports, Lars Sullivan has not had any need to be on television the past few weeks. He’s gone so far as to not even be at the SmackDown broadcasts.

We last saw Sullivan when The Freak gave a second sit down interview in early November. He has not been used, or showing up, for television since.

Now, on one hand it’s possible he stopped showing up because he’s not needed there and with COVID, it’s better to be away if not used.

But, based on the reports, that does not seem to be the case.

If there is something else going on, it’s a very troubling development for a Superstar with a checkered past.

Sullivan has had his share of controversies over the past year or so. In spite of these issues, Lars Sullivan has stuck around.

It’s clear that he has a fan in the biggest offices in Stamford…but if he is dealing with yet another issue, will that support still exist?

Or is it possible that Sullivan’s time in WWE might finally be running out?

Vince McMahon sees, or saw, a great amount of potential in Lars Sullivan. The question now is, does that potential outweigh whatever issues may be plaguing Sullivan.

Talk Of The Rock Working WrestleMania 38

The Rock Impact Wrestling

Last week, Bill Goldberg stoked some flames by saying Roman Reigns was next. But why is Roman Reigns next for Goldberg?

There is a reason, and it’s being driven by Vince McMahon.

As we all know, the initial location for WrestleMania next year was the brand new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

However, as we are also well aware of, 2020 and the COVID pandemic obliterated many plans. WWE has long since scuttled the plan for 2021’s WrestleMania in Hollywood.


Instead, as of this moment, the plan has WrestleMania happening in Tampa, as it was supposed to in 2020.

That location change is the driving force behind Bill Goldberg instead of The Rock being the opponent for Roman Reigns.

It had long been expected that somehow or other we would get to a Roman Reigns-Rock WrestleMania clash, especially once The Showcase of the Immortals locked in Los Angeles for 2021.

Now that those plans are on pause, Vince McMahon has said he does not want that match to happen in Florida. That is according to Wrestling News.

It’s likely less about a dislike of Florida, and more about catering to an industry important for and to The Rock.

Having The Rock as a headliner, with the event in Hollywood (or, close enough), McMahon expected media attention to be insane.

While The Rock draws a crowd anywhere he goes, the belief is a Tamap WrestleMania just won’t get the same level of attention.

As such, WWE has begun to pivot and has started sewing seeds of a Reigns-Goldberg feud.

This really isn’t a major stretch. Reigns and Goldberg were supposed to lock up at this year’s WrestleMania. Then Roman Reigns backed out, citing health concerns.