Vince McMahon Blaming Smaller Talent, The Miz May Regain MITB

Vince McMahon blaming talent

WWE boss Vince McMahon is blaming smaller talent for the current failing ratings. In other news, The Miz is hoping to get back his MITB contract after TLC.

Vince McMahon Blaming Smaller Talent

WWE Vince McMahon blames these wrestlers for failing ratings

As WWE ratings continue to fall, Vince McMahon is looking to blame someone. And it seems he has certain wrestlers in mind when pointing the finger of blame.

Dave Meltzer claims that Vince puts the blame squarely on smaller wrestlers in the company. In turn, this means that Vince wants more bigger wrestlers on top. 

“Part of it is Vince wants more monsters in the ring, as historically whenever WWE business is bad, Vince blames smaller guys on top, but right now, his thought process is he doesn’t have big guys who can work at that level.”

Does Vince’s Theory Hold Water?

Drew McIntyre

Well, it is not difficult to see why this theory does not hold water at all. Vince may want to blame the lack of big guys, but Drew McIntyre has done a marvellous job during Monday Night Raw.

Of course, the real reason why Raw is doing poorly is the lack of good bookings as well as no creative direction. After all, the smaller guys with great wrestling skills have nothing substantial to do.

At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with big guys or small guys. In conclusion, the real reason behind it all is the lack of direction inside the WWE.

The Miz May Regain MITB

The Miz MITB Contract

The Miz might be getting his MITB contract back! Interestingly enough, the failed cash in at TLC may not have been legal. 

Miz cashed in his contract during a championship match between Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles. But did he really?

If you remember correctly, the contract was actually cashed in during TLC. But The Miz was not doing the cashing in.

Indeed, John Morrison was the man who handed over the MITB contract to the referee. Evidently, this makes it an illegal cash in. 

Cash In Reversal

The Miz

The odd way with which the contract was cashed in could give Miz another shot. But will he be successful cashing in on Drew McIntyre?

Of course, Miz might actually not cash in on Drew McIntyre and choose another champion instead. Considering the past year, it would be better to have Drew McIntyre as the champion a little longer.

The MITB briefcase had a really weird track record this past year. Unfortunately, it is not doing much for the reputation of the MITB contract and its value.

Otis was the man who originally won the briefcase. A little later, The Miz took that contract from Otis in a match.

Now, Miz had a failed cash-in attempt at Tables, Ladders and Chairs. If the decision is reversed, it has been the weirdest year ever for the MITB briefcase as Asuka never even cashed-in.

As it stands, the contract’s value has gone down considerably. Will the MITB contract mean just as much when wrestlers fight for it next year?