Triple H Claims The WWE Is Willing To Work With Other Promotions

Triple H says WWE is open to working with other promotions

The King of Kings Triple H recently revealed that the WWE is open to working with other promotions. Interestingly, this would be an unprecedented move.

Triple H Says WWE Can Work With Other Promotions

Cooperation between WWE and other promotions is possible.

NXT boss Triple H claims the WWE is willing to cooperate with other promotions. However, this claimed cooperation with other promotions only popped up after noting that AEW regularly does it.

“We’re open for business. We’re open to the right opportunities. At any given time. But they have to be beneficial for us in the long term.”

The WWE has worked with other promotions in the past, although not sure if you should call it exactly that. 

For example, the WWE worked with EVOLVE. However, there was little mention of EVOLVE until they actually purchased the promotion! 

In addition to that, the WWE sometimes purchases footage from other promotions. Of course, they only do it to obtain film material about their own wrestlers. 

There is no real promotion I can see the WWE working with, aside from Impact Wrestling or AEW of course. But since these are the main competitors for WWE, I don’t see it happening whatsoever.

AEW Has Become A Serious Threat

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I think Triple H’s statement is a little empty at this point. In fact, I do not think that the WWE has any intention of working with other promotions.

AEW is working with other promotions and that gives them a unique angle. In fact, AEW and the WWE are often compared to one another.

There is no doubt in my mind that many fans ask the WWE why they don’t work with other promotions. 

Unless the WWE can gain major benefit from another promotion, they will not work with anyone else. Because let’s be fair, what benefit would it bring them?

Vince McMahon built the WWE as the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. It was also the place to be for most wrestlers until the arrival of AEW.

With Vince McMahon at the helm, I am pretty sure the WWE is not interested in sharing the wrestling landscape. For this to happen, the promotion would have to be in real dire straits. 

That being said, the WWE may need help sooner or later. Earlier in the year, the promotions saw a dive in stock value.

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H all sold stock in the WWE over the past year. In addition to that, countless staff members were released in 2020.

While the WWE boasted about huge profits in the middle of the year, there is no doubt in our minds that investors no longer have the most trust in the company. And it looks like the WWE is not out of the woods yet. 

Cooperation with other promotions would actually help the WWE’s image. But can Vince McMahon finally give up his monopoly for the benefit of his company moving forward?

Or will the WWE finally change when Triple H gets all the power in the company? Or will that power go to someone else?

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