Tommy Dreamer On Why Keith Lee Was Sent Back To The PC

Tommy Dreamer explains why Keith Lee was sent back to PC

Tommy Dreamer recently gave some insight on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sending Keith Lee back to the Performance Center for more training. While the move baffled many, Dreamer claims there is a reason behind it.

Moved From NXT Too Soon

Keith Lee was sent back to the performance center

According to Tommy Dreamer, Keith Lee was moved from NXT too soon. In fact, he believes this is the reason why Keith Lee was sent back to PC.

“For Keith Lee, when he came up, he was plucked out of the system too soon. He really was. For NXT, they did a disservice by pulling him out of NXT too soon, because then he comes up, he has done nothing of merit or value since he’s been called up. That’s not on him. That’s on creative. But then, yes, if there are holes in his game that your boss, coach, see, then, yeah, you’re not going to get used. And so you have to, like we were talking about Carmela, they’re going to make him go away and be forgotten so he comes back with more umph. I saw holes in his game as well. I saw this is not the same Keith Lee I saw in NXT. Why? Like I said, for a lot of the reasons and I’ll tell the nation this.”

Dreamer continues to explain that there is pretty much a new coach in town. Evidently, he means none other than Vince McMahon. 

Vince McMahon has his own opinion when it comes to wrestling and how it should look. Of course, timing also has something to do with it.

As it stands, there are not many people that could provide Keith Lee with the match that puts him on the map. He does a lot of things big guys cannot normally do, and therein lies the problem.

As Keith Lee makes his way through the Performance Center again, we are sure his confidence got a bit of a knock. Nevertheless, there is nothing that stops Keith Lee from becoming one of the greats.

Fans Devastated About Recent Events

Vince McMahon Keith Lee

Fans are not too happy about Keith Lee being sent back to the Performance Center. Even though he did not spend a lot of time on NXT, he was a fan favorite.

One thing that has been quite noticeable is how different Keith Lee was on the main roster. So, it left us wondering if Vince McMahon’s playing a large role in that.

WWE creative is also a point of contention for me personally. Just look at all the superstars that came up and how little they have actually achieved on the main roster.

It seems that almost every NXT star is being kept down. There is really no rhyme or reason behind it.

They often come up at times where there are no long term plans or opponents for them. And this is exactly where the WWE is making the mistake. 

Let’s hope the WWE can finally get its main roster in order and actually use superstars the way they should. Unfortunately, I’m not holding up too much hope for 2021.