The Rock Surprises A Fan In Need, Making His Christmas Amazing

The Rock does amazing thing for a fan this christmas season

WWE and Hollywood legend The Rock did an amazing thing for a fan this Christmas season. In fact, he turned into a “Dwanta Claus!”

The Rock Supports Fan Who Asked For Help During The Christmas Season

Dwanta Claus

The Rock noticed a message from a fan who was looking to buy his children some Christmas presents this year.

“Hi Rock! I’m like your biggest fan! So I could use your help please. I’m trying to raise some money to be able to provide my children with a Christmas this year. If it’s not too much to ask, Would you please consider retweeting this please. Thank U.”

The Rock then decided he could do something more for the fan and his family. He retweeted the message, but then The Rock went a step further to ensure the man’s family had an excellent Christmas.

“You’re this kind of dad and a retweet is all you want? I have a little bit more in mind for you. Stay ready. You’re a good man, Jay. We need more like you. ~ Dwanta Claus.”

A Christmas Surprise

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson got in touch with Some Good News Show with actor John Krasinski. Next, the widowed father saw himself on the popular show!

The single father, now known as Jay, received some amazing surprises on the show. First, Dwayne or rather “Dwanta Claus” gave them a visit to the set of Black Adam.

During the show, Rock said the following to Jay:

“You are what the holidays are all about. You embody the spirit. And I feel very confident I can speak for my friend John here in that, you know, the true measure of a man and true measure of a human being truly is always what’s in their heart. Always what’s deep down in their heart, and their mana.”

In addition to that, many people who saw Krazinski’s show wanted to donate money to Jay and his family. In response, he had to create a donation page.

So, it seems the widowed father and his children will have an amazing Christmas this year. It’s a lovely heartwarming story that is a welcome relief after COVID-19.

Missed It?

The Rock

If you missed Jay and Rock’s appearance on the show, no need to worry. You can watch the entire thing right here!

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”3GwU4GKzLXY” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

Jay appeared in the final segment called “Parents That Rock.” And once you see the story in question, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

So, before you watch it, please make sure there are some tissues nearby…

Of course, it is the type of heartwarming tears that we needed more of this year.

In addition to The Rock’s special gift, there are many more to watch. One of them was a man who paid bills for over 114 households this holiday season.

With that happy not, let us hope for a great 2021 and leave 2020 in our dust!

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