Superstar Injured In WarGames, AEW Locking In Younger Talent

Superstar Injured In WarGames

NXT TakeOver: WarGames happened last night, and at least one Superstar was injured in the WarGames match. Also, AEW is locking in younger talent in a strategic move.

Superstar Injured In WarGames

WarGames is a violent event, so it should surprise no one that at least one Superstar was injured in WarGames on Sunday evening.

Superstar Injured In WarGames

In this instance, it’s been reported that Candace LeRae suffered an injury during the opening bout.

As is standard following TakeOvers, Triple H held his post-event press conference. During Sunday’s call, Hunter confirmed that Candace LeRae was injured during the opening WarGames match.

It is too soon to know precisely what the extent of the injury is, but it was suspected to be a possible broken arm.

No matter what, an injury would be unfortunate for LeRae. She has been positioned as one of NXT’s top heels, so any absence would hinder that rise.

If it’s indeed a broken arm, that likely would keep Candace off of NXT television for at least a couple months. That could mean she may not be available to appear in January’s Royal Rumble.

In spite of the injury, LeRae and the other women did an impressive job in opening the latest edition of WarGames.

The silver lining to the post-TakeOver press conference? Outside of some other minor cuts and bruises, it appears that no one else suffered any significant injuries.

AEW Locking In Younger Talent

Smart organizations like to hold on to good talent, so it should come as no surprise that AEW is locking in younger talent.

In some ways, the longer term deals follow in the footsteps of WWE…but the logic behind them lately would be different.

MJF AEW Contract Length

As AEW emerged as a landing spot for disenfranchised WWE Superstars, Vince McMahon was pushing to sign anyone with a pulse to a longer deal.

Like, even some really questionable decisions, where talent was signed or extended and then basically moth-balled. Purely to keep talent away from Tony Khan and AEW.

AEW is doing things different. They have the established vets, like Jericho and Jon Moxley.

But they are adding to the roster by giving some younger and lesser known talents a chance.

Once those talents prove they belong, AEW is locking the young talent up.

Some talents are given per match deals to start. Notably, former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona began on a very short term deal.

According to the Wrestling Observer, however, some younger talents are being handled differently. Specifically, AEW is locking in some younger talent to five year deals.

How can you tell? If they receive a tweet with the “is Elite” graphic, then they are on longer term deals.

When any good sports franchise identifies it has some rising young talent, the smart ones look to lock them in as soon as possible. It’s no different in professional wrestling.

That helps maintain momentum and keeps the product moving in the right direction.

In professional wrestling, as soon as you observe that you’ve got an emerging talent, you do anything you can to retain them. Someone like Vince McMahon will always be looming, waiting to snatch them up if you don’t lock them in.