Renee Paquette Slams WWE, Superstar Makes Surprising TV Return

Renee Paquette slams WWE

Former WWE commentator Renee Paquette slams the company for taking away opportunities. In other news, a disgraced superstar made his return on WWE’s Main Event.

Renee Paquette Slams WWE For Missed Opportunities

Renee Paquette slams WWE for taking away opportunities

WWE announcer Renee Paquette left the company on relatively good terms. However, Renee Paquette slams the WWE for missed opportunities. 

Many superstars have trouble with the company’s policy not to allow work outside the company. And this is something that Renee Paquette had trouble with as well.

During her podcast, she vented about the company’s dodgy policy.

“That’s so infuriating like I’ve had so many people say things like that to me since I left, too. Like ‘oh we pitched this for you we wanted you to host a f*cking cooling show with wrestlers,’ I’m like ‘yeah no sh*t that would be great.’”

“Nope, they didn’t give it to me. They’re giving it to Bo Dallas. I love Bo Dallas, like go get it, do what you have to do, but f*ck, like I could never catch a break. Like, I couldn’t get anything done. I couldn’t even get a podcast off the ground. Like, give me a f*cking podcast. Nobody gives a sh*t about that, but still nope, you can’t do it. No dice.”

Renee Continues Without WWE

Renee Paquette has new projects

Despite leaving WWE and being subject to a no compete clause, the commentator has found new opportunities. 

One of her latest projects is a cookbook of her own. Evidently, this is a project Renee could do without interfering with the no compete clause.

Of course, Renee is going to be busy in the months to come. After all, it was revealed the reporter is expecting her first child with AEW star Jon Moxley.

Disgraced Superstar Return

Disgraced superstar return

This week, we also saw a rather shocking disgraced superstar return. In fact, Jaxson Ryker made an appearance during WWE Main Event.

Disgraced superstar Jaxson Ryker made his unexpected return alongside Elias. Before his appearance, Ryker was rumored to be released soon.

However, it is quite interesting how Ryker was reintroduced to the WWE on main event. In other words, WWE is probably reintroducing him until all the scandal goes down.

Pro Trump Comments

Ryker was pulled from the main roster after a huge backlash for some pro trump tweets on his social media account. What makes things worse is that the made the comments for self-promotion during Black Lives Matter.

Jaxson Ryker did not only get a lot of backlash from fans, but also fellow wrestlers. One of the wrestlers  who responded in disgust was none other than Kevin Owens.

Of course, since the McMahon family and Trump are tight, it could explain why Ryker was not released. If anything, the company is trying to do damage control.

If the statements were not related to Trump, Ryker would have been fired already. Now, the company is simply letting the audience get used to him again.

WWE is a competitive environment, so self-promotion is far but uncommon. Nevertheless, the comments were in poor taste and most definitely at the wrong time.

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