Is WWE Chairman Vince McMahon the reason fans turned on Bill Goldberg

This week, journalist Alex McCarthy claimed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the reason why fans turned on Bill Goldberg. But what is the evidence behind this rather large claim?

Today, we investigate if McCarthy’s theory holds water.

Soured Relationship With The WWE

Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg always had a bit of a soured relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and subsequently fans after his return. After all, it is a fact that Bill Goldberg returned to the WWE only after they included him in a 2K game in 2016. 

Fortunately for Goldberg, fans had their belly full of Brock Lesnar. So, when he returned to send the champ packing, fans were more excited than ever before.

Unfortunately, this is where the success story stopped. What happened since then all comes down to Vince according to McCarthy.

Low Quality Matches

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon the reason WWE fans turned on Bill Goldberg

One of the main claims made by McCarthy is that Bill Goldberg only got low quality matches in the WWE. But how could you blame the WWE for this?

Well, McCarthy may be right on the ball with his claims. One of the first pieces of evidence is the overall match time involving Goldberg.

While fans were excited Goldberg beat Lesnar for the title upon his return, you could have missed it by blinking. 

The WWE’s actual investment in Goldberg has been quite minimal over the years, too. While he had some training in WCW and is in peak physical fitness for his current age, 54, no further training was given to the legendary wrestler.

Fans became overly critical of Goldberg over the years, but the WWE made no efforts to correct the problem.

Interestingly enough, Goldberg held an undefeated streak of 173-0. This streak was eventually broken by Asuka.

The latter was thrown into the background shortly afterwards, but the WWE’s goal was achieved. 

Offensive Wrestler, But Not Technical

Goldberg WWE Contract Details

At the end of the day, Goldberg is very much an offensive wrestler. His spear and jackhammer are known to knock out an opponent in minimal time.

And while this is amazing for a die-hard wrestling fan like myself, it is not so great for fans who have become overly critical of the product.

Fans currently expect matches with substance and technical acumen. Unfortunately, this is not something that Goldberg is ever booked for.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Goldberg put in an amazing job. After all, not many people could do the job he does at his current age.

Many die-hard fans like myself adore Goldberg, but cannot help but feel he has been mistreated by the WWE. Of course, when we say the WWE we mean Vince McMahon specifically.

Looking at all the facts over time, I would be inclined to support McCarthy in his statements. One of the most interesting is the bookings Goldberg had since his return.

Goldberg has faced a lot of younger talent. But not just any younger talent, he has been facing fan favorites such as The Fiend and Kevin Owens.

Naturally, these bookings do not do Goldberg any favors. So I ask you, was this Vince McMahon’s plan after all?