Former WWE Rowan Makes AEW Debut And Says Goodbye To Brodie

Rowan Says Goodbye To Friend Brodie Lee in AEW DEbut

Former WWE superstar Rowan has made his AEW this week. However, his debut was bigger than most as he took the opportunity to say goodbye to his friend Brodie Lee.

Rowan Has AEW Debut

AEW Debut Rowan

Rowan’s AEW debut was something truly special. After all, he did not focus on himself at all.

Instead, Rowan decided to say goodbye to his former tag team partner Brodie Lee. 

During this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Rowan came out to assist The Dark Order. As you may know already, the Dark Order was led by none other than Brodie Lee.

Once the Dark Order had won the match, Rowan said goodbye to his friend Brodie with a unique sign. The sign read:

“Goodbye for now, my brother.”

“See you down the road.”

The moment can also be viewed below (full match + goodbye moment).

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”R9iOUm489pU” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

You do not have to look at the video long to realize this was quite the emotional moment for all the men involved. There was not a dry eye in the Ringside Intel house either!

AEW did a brilliant tribute to Brodie Lee. It is certainly a tribute we will never forget either.

The History Of Brodie Lee And Erick Rowan

Brodie Lee and Erick Rowan in WWE

Erick Rowan and Brodie Lee spent a lot of time together in the pro wrestling circuit. In fact, the men competed as tag team partners more than 400 times.

When they were tag team partners, Rowan and Lee also captured the NXT Tag Team Titles. This was during their time in the Wyatt Family.

Rowan and Lee would later return as the Bludgeon Brothers. However, the pair never reached the heights of their NXT success in spite of championship runs.

When Brodie Lee made the switch to AEW, he finally received the attention he deserved. Now, it seems Rowan made his way to AEW too.

Will Rowan Remain On AEW?

At the moment, it is not clear if Rowan has signed a contract with AEW. Given the special, it is highly possible that Rowan’s appearance was a one-off.

On Web Is Jericho, Rowan’s debut was mentioned as “an appearance in the title. However, the text itself does mention an AEW debut, so we can only guess about it at this point in time.

That being said, AEW did give him a new name in the form of Erick Redbeard. In other words, there could be a future in the Dark Order for Rowan.

Now, having Rowan at the helm of the Dark Order would not be a bad idea. Not only is he an imposing character, he would also continue the work of his friend and former tag team partner.

Mr. Brodie Lee was leading the Dark Order before he was hospitalized. It would be great if someone could continue the Dark Order’s journey.

Continuing the Dark Order and making it even greater would be a wonderful tribute to the great man and wrestler Brodie Lee. The Dark Order will undoubtedly be part of Brodie Lee’s legacy no matter what.

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