Eva Marie WWE status

The WWE status update for former superstar Eva Marie seems a little complicated. In other news, a return idea for Charlotte Flair has been pitched. 

Eva Marie WWE Status Update

Eva Marie WWE Status Update

If current rumors are correct, Eva Marie is already a member of the WWE roster. In fact, she allegedly signed with the company back in September.

PW Insider claims that Eva Marie is already mentioned as a member of the internal roster. In other words, it is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

“It was also reported that Eva Marie has been seen at the WWE Performance Center “several times” since September. That is when she reportedly signed a new deal with the company”

The question remains why WWE has not used Eva Marie yet. 

Currently No Start Date

Eva Marie

There are no signs that Eva Marie will be on the main roster soon. While she has been at the Performance Center in September, she was still in Texas this week.

Eva posted an update on her social media account. She posted some photos of The Star in Frisco as well as a ‘Boots Are Made For Walking’ video.


It also remains to be seen where Eva Marie will end up. However, considering how well-known she is, she is likely to appear on the main roster instead of NXT.

Charlotte Flair Return Idea

Charlotte Flair Return Idea

The WWE is currently considering how they will handle Charlotte Flair’s return. In fact, an interesting return idea for Charlotte Flair has been pitched.

According to Wrestle VotesWWE is considering a joint return for Andrade as well as Charlotte. 

“An idea that’s been discussed however not determined at this point is an on screen pairing of Charlotte & Andrade when they return to TV. The idea behind it is to use Charlotte’s star power to elevate Andrade into the main event scene.”

While Charlotte Flair is arguably one of the biggest stars on the roster, Andrade still has some ways to go. Of course, this is not due to any fault of his own, but poor WWE booking.

Andrade also lost his manager Zelina Vega, as she was released from the WWE recently

Return Postponed

Charlotte Flair Fifth Horsewoman

Charlotte Flair might not be returning any time soon. In fact, it seems she is busy filming a Punky Brewster reboot.

In addition to Charlotte Flair, the reboot also involves WWE superstars such as D-Von Dudley and Alexa Bliss.

Even though her return could still be a little while away, the return idea for Charlotte Flair is interesting to say the least. What could this all mean for Andrade and for Charlotte?

Of course, with the focus being more on Andrade, it could mean Charlotte plays a lesser role in the women’s division for some time. That being said, Charlotte is known to have worked for several brands simultaneously in the past.

I cannot wait to see the return of Charlotte Flair. Of course, there is no question that cooperation with Andrade could make things a lot more interesting in the months to come.