drew mcintyre vince mcmahon

If you can get one over on The Boss, you can add that to your resume. Drew McIntyre pranks Vince McMahon and did just that!

Plus, Dana Brooke is not happy with how things have gone for her in WWE.

Drew McIntyre Pranks Vince McMahon 

It is not every day that someone can punk Vince McMahon, but Drew McIntyre pranked Vince McMahon.

Better yet, there is video proof of the prank, and it’s glorious.

drew mcintyre vince mcmahon

Stone Cold Steve Austin sat down with the WWE Champion on a new edition of the Broken Skull Sessions recently. During the session, Austin dug up a clip out of the vault.

The pranking of Vince McMahon happened during a promo class when McIntyre was in what was then FCW. WWE eventually rebranded FCW into what is now NXT.

As Drew McIntyre noted, Vince McMahon told all those learning promos that they needed to bring a big finish.

McIntyre decided that, for his, he was going to pretend to hurl a water bottle at Vince McMahon. His fake was so realistic that the boss ducked.

The prank was so good it also appeared to make Vince chuckle. Of course, had the bottle actually been thrown and connected, perhaps we don’t see Drew as WWE Champion today.

Dana Brooke Not Happy

How many times have we heard of a Superstar being displeased with how they are being used? Well, here’s another: Dana Brooke is not happy with how her progress has unfolded.

Dana Brooke recently spoke on Lillian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory.

On her visit, Brooke said that the frequent stops and starts to her pushes puts an emotional drain on her. It’s understandable, not just for her, but for any Superstar.

Imagine thinking you are on the right track, getting into the spotlight you’ve so dreamed of.

Then, suddenly and not always for reasons within your control, that push fizzles. Later, maybe weeks or months or longer, perhaps a push happens again.

That has been Dana Brooke’s experience, and it has caused her some emotional duress.

This is a relevant point now too. While she may be working her way back into the top tier of the Women’s Division, she did recently have some hopes dashed.

Keep in mind that it wasn’t all that long ago that Brooke, along with Mandy Rose, were lined up to challenge for the Women’s Tag Championships.

Then, almost as quickly as they came to challenge the then-champions, they were written off. Just like that, the Survivor Series slot was gone, as was their title opportunity.

What adds to the frustration, no doubt, is that often times such changes are out of the hands of the impacted Superstars.

Sure, there will be times when the creative process pivots because of something that a Superstar did or didn’t do. But just as often, it’s a matter of who creative is hot or cold on (re: who does Vince McMahon like at that moment).

It’s unfortunate, but with Vince McMahon, such volatile decision making isn’t shocking news.

The boss has been known to make changes at the last minute, including wholesale script re-writes of his major shows just before air.