Bullet Club Member Reacts To Triple H’s “Open For Business” Statement

Bullet Club Member Tonga Reacts To Triple H's "Open For Business" Statement

Bullet Club member Tonga recently responded to Triple H’s comments about being willing to work with other promotions. From the statement, it seems even he is skeptical. 

Your Boys Don’t Want None

One of the Bullet Club members, Tonga, responded to Triple H’s recent statements on social media with a short statement. 

He used the line “Your boys don’t want none.” Obviously, this is a reference to AJ Styles’ entrance music. 

Interestingly, current WWE superstar AJ Styles is a former Bullet Club member.

Triple H made the statements about future cooperation with other promotions during a media call. This media call was aimed at the promotion of NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020.

“So, OK, are we open to the right business opportunities? Yeah, at any given time we’re open to things and it just depends on what they are, and if they’re beneficial to us long term.”

The majority of the wrestling world have been quite skeptical about the statement. And from his tweet, it seems Tonga is too.

It is not the first time Tonga tagged the WWE brass in his social media posts. Recently, he also tagged Vince McMahon.

Tonga Tags Vince McMahon in Cryptic Post

Tonga also tagged WWE's Vince McMahon in a tweet

NJPW star Tonga recently tweeted the following message on his social media account. In the message, he tagged WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Evidently, the mysterious tweet caused many people to speculate about its purpose.

The reason for the speculation is Tonga’s recent tweeting history. In addition to Triple H and Vince McMahon, he also tagged AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

Since Tonga is tagging both WWE and AEW, fans believe the wrestler could be signed to either brand soon. However, current rumors seem to benefit AEW.

Tonga, as well as the remaining members of the Bullet Club, have been teasing a lot of things relating to AEW lately. And since AEW is proud of its cross promotion efforts, I cannot wait to see what this means for the AEW Championship.

Bigger Crossover Storylines?

Bullet Club

As mentioned previously, the tweets could be an indicator of future crossover storylines. While I doubt this will involve the WWE, it most certainly would involve AEW.

AEW is known to crossover. In fact, current AEW Champion Kenny Omega will actually appear on Impact Wrestling with the championship.

Obviously, this is unheard of in WWE circles. The company solely buys up promotions and uses historical footage from its own wrestlers.

AEW actually allows wrestlers from other promotions, including NWA, to display their skills. Only last week, a member of Impact Wrestling management was in the commentary seat.

All Elite Wrestling started a new trend by involving other promotions. While this concept is not new, it is certainly new for a promotion of AEW’s size. 

Needless to say, this has prompted the WWE to make the statement they did regarding cooperation with other promotions. Of course, I do not see this happening whatsoever.

On the bright side, we have the crossover between Impact Wrestling and AEW to look forward too. We will find out more on Tuesday night!

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