Briefcase Out Of Play, Bret Hart On Death Of Tag Team Wrestling

briefcase out of play

The WWE Money In The Bank Briefcase is out of play, with The Miz cashing in Sunday night. Also, Bret Hart recently vented on the death of tag team wrestling-specifically, on who was responsible for that.

Briefcase Out Of Play

The Money In The Bank briefcase is out of play. The Miz cashed in the briefcase during TLC on Sunday evening.

For WWE’s final PPV of 2020, The Miz looked to end his year on a high note. He cashed in his briefcase during the TLC match between AJ Styles and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

briefcase out of play

Unfortunately for The Miz, the ending was not that of a Hollywood blockbuster…at least, not for him.

The Miz cashed in, turning the match into a triple threat match. This cash in did not play out like perhaps the most notable cash in that changed a one on one to a triple threat (Rollins at WrestleMania).

In other words, Drew McIntyre still holds the WWE Championship. It’s a curious end to the 2020 men’s briefcase, to be nice about it.

The initial briefcase holder, Otis, won it on top of WWE headquarters in perhaps the quirkiest ending to the most unique Money In The Bank match ever.

Then, WWE changed it’s mind about Otis as Mr. Money In The Bank. They pivoted to The Miz, and while it seemed he might do something better with the briefcase…his was a failed cash in all the same.

Some fans were not happy that WWE did the cash in this way.

It’s hard to argue that this one seems to be a botched briefcase, from start to finish.

Bret Hart On Death Of Tag Team Wrestling

In other news, Bret Hart recently sounded off on the death of tag team wrestling.

While there have been some exceptional tag teams in the past couple decades, they are the exception anymore. Gone are the days where tag teams in WWE could have Match of the Year type runs.

One half of one of those great tag teams is Bret Hart. The Hitman recently vented about what he sees as the death of tag team wrestling, and who killed it.

Who? That would be Vince McMahon, of course.

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Hart spoke on his own website, and in doing so said that Vince McMahon failed to value tag team wrestling. In doing so, he squandered the talent he had, and killed off tag team wrestling.

Of course, it isn’t entirely dead within WWE. There are still champions, and they do still have amazing matches from time to time.

Those great matches seem to be more in spite of Vince, than because of him.

As Bret said, either he didn’t know how to best use the talent, or he just did not want to.

You really cannot argue with the commentary too much. WWE tag teams were last truly great when perhaps we saw the Dudleys, Edge and Christian and The Hardyz do their craft.

Now, too often, we have one or two strong teams and that’s about it.

Even back in Bret Hart’s day, McMahon was all too happy to break up a good team. He turned Hart into a singles champion, ending The Hart Foundation.

He did similarly for The Rockers, making Shawn Michaels into one of the greatest of all time. So in that sense, it’s hard to argue against Vince’s choices there, because in each case, the singles star was greater than the tag team.