AEW wrestlers get dressing down from officials backstage

AEW officials allegedly yelled at several wrestlers backstage for a dive that went wrong. It seems All Elite Wrestling is very concerned about the safety of their wrestlers.

AEW Wrestlers Shouted At Backstage By Officials

AEW officials shouted at wrestlers backstage

AEW is known for its rather risky style of wrestling. Over the past couple of months, there have been some spots that are absolutely terrifying!

However, this does not mean AEW wrestlers can risk their lives! In fact, officials allegedly shouted at some wrestlers backstage for a botched dive.

The problem with the dive is that the executing wrestler was not caught properly. And, this could have led to serious injury or even worse.

According to Bryan Alvarez:

“On the same page, if you’re going to do dives, and especially in AEW, we have seen so many people crash and burn on these dives because – I don’t even know why but it was like a problem. In fact, I know at least some people got yelled at for it after one show. But, you’ve got to catch people… So, if you’re going to do dives people have got to catch.”

While there are many experienced wrestlers at AEW, there are some inexperienced ones as well. However, you will notice that the more experienced ones are more prominent on the main brand.

Who Got Yelled At?

Risk wrestler dive leads to yelling from AEW officials

Since the risk level of many moves in AEW is quite high, the involved wrestlers are currently unknown. All we know is that one wrestler was not caught properly during a dive. 

On the flipside, we do have an idea about the man who is doing the criticizing. It’s AEW’s Senior Advisor Jim Ross.

Jim Ross has heaps of experience as a commentator and he knows the wrestling business unlike any other. Of course, this also means he knows how stuff is supposed to be done.

We know that Jim Ross has been quite critical of dives whenever they are performed in AEW. Therefore, it is likely that Ross is the man who pointed out the problem.

Whether or not Jim Ross did the yelling is not known, but we do think he is involved somehow in an advisory role. Needless to say, AEW wrestlers do not get away with absolutely everything as some people would like to claim.

Should There Be A Training Programme?

WWE superstars screened for COVID 19

The WWE has the performance center to set their wrestlers right. At the moment, training in AEW is somewhat minimum.

Most of the new wrestlers are kept on AEW Dark, which could be somewhat compared to NXT. 

Opposed to the WWE, AEW mainly signs its wrestlers based on performance and indie experience. So, most wrestlers who arrive have been in the business for some years.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t any young talent. Just look at recent signees Top Flight! 

It does beg the question, should there be a training programme for AEW wrestlers, too? While we don’t want the scripted mess the WWE brings, fine tuning skills a little bit more to ensure wrestlers safety in the ring and reducing risk wouldn’t be the worst thing.