WWE Releases Zelina Vega And Fans Slam The Decision

WWE Releases Zelina Vega

Be careful what you say in WWE and Zelina Vega might have learned that the hard way as she was released. Currently, there are rumors that her release involved talk of unionizing talent and issues with WWE’s third party ban.

WWE Releases Zelina Vega And Fans Slam The Decision

In a surprising move, WWE has released Zelina Vega. They confirmed the news with the following generic tweet.

As of now, there is no reason for her release, but there is speculation. Two running theories involve her comments about unionizing and not wanting to leave third party platforms.

Less than an hour of her release being known, Vega tweeted in support of a union in WWE. Basically, WWE does want their talent unionizing, but that may change with a new US administration.

As for the third party issue, WWE told main roster talent they must leave. This angered many, including Paige who threatened to leave and also spoke about unionizing.

Currently, Vega noted how she will see fans on Twitch. Therefore, it sounds like we might hear side of the story relatively soon.

Before joining WWE, Vega worked for Impact Wrestling. Eventually, she signed with WWE and was assigned to NXT.

There, she was partnered with Andrade. She help him capture the NXT Championship before both were sent to the main roster.

While part of RAW and SmackDown, Vega managed Andrade and Angel Garza. Lately, she had been working as a singles wrestler and was chasing the Women’s Championship on both brands.

Stay tuned for further developments as the story still has many questions that need answers. Now, there is even speculation that her husband, and WWE wrestler Aleister Black, may also depart with the company.

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