wwe royal rumble plans

WWE has a major PPV in a few weeks, and then the next of it’s Big 4 isn’t till the 2020 Royal Rumble. So what is it that WWE hopes for it’s Royal Rumble plans?

And with weekly table spots, what could be next for Lana?

WWE Hopes For Royal Rumble Plans

WWE has not held a PPV in front of a live audience since February of 2020, with ThunderDome taking over. Now, WWE’s hopes for Royal Rumble plans may hint at a change.

wwe royal rumble plans

Here’s what WrestleVotes had to say, via Twitter:

So, first off, WWE’s current home base is the Amway Center in Orlando. With the NBA’s upcoming season still on target to start in the next couple months, ThunderDome would be moving.

It looks like, even when not in Orlando, WWE is keeping ThunderDome around for a bit. That much makes sense, seeing as how there’s no end in sight for social distancing.

That being said, WWE (read: Vince McMahon) is desperate to get some semblance of a live audience back. I can’t say I blame him.

It was great once WWE got back to airing PPVs live, and moving to ThunderDome absolutely enhanced the experience further. It isn’t as good as a packed arena, but it’s better than an empty Performance Center too.

So, we don’t know yet what that something different could be….or even where.

What we do know, however, is that WWE wants to up it’s game for it’s first major PPV of the new year.

What Could Be Next For Lana

We’ve seen Lana go through many tables in recent weeks (7 at last count as of November 3rd). What could be next for Lana?

Well, the word is all those table spots are actually tied to her babyface push. Sources are still adamant that the push is happening, or will happen.

So what is next?

According to WrestlingNews.co, Lana will eventually have her revenge. Sources indicate that, at some point in the future, Lana will somehow manage to put Nia Jax through a table of her own.

Now, while that all seems logical…I mean, answer table spots with a table spot in return…it is very hard to imagine Lana getting Nia Jax up in order to put her through a table.

I am prepared to see one of those less than impressive table spots. Like, Lana pushes Nia Jax off the stage through a table, or off the apron through a table.

Meaning the bump itself will be decent, but it won’t be necessarily an impressive feat of strength for the much smaller and less imposing Lana.

The other takeaway from the report? As has been said before, the repetitive table spots for Lana are not a sign of Vince McMahon hating that Miro landed in AEW.

In all honesty, they shouldn’t be. While before he left, the former Rusev was unhappy…he didn’t seem to rock the boat. WWE cut the now AEW star in their spring purge.

Meaning that Vince McMahon can’t be bent that Miro is in AEW, because Vince and WWE chose to give Miro the chance to be in AEW.