What Does The Future Hold For Big E Since The New Day Split?

No plans for Big E on WWE SmackDown Live

The New Day split was allegedly done to give Big E a chance at singles competition on SmackDown Live. However, it seems the WWE has no plans for Big E whatsoever.

New Day Split Done For Nothing?

New Day Split

At this point, it looks like WWE pulled apart The New Day for no reason whatsoever. While it was done to give Big E some singles opportunities, it now appears there are no plans in place for him.

In spite of splitting from his tag team, there was no follow-up last week. Evidently, this is a major opportunity missed by the WWE.

The only move the WWE has now is to add Big E to the Survivor Series lineup. Unfortunately, it now seems that Big E is heading in the same direction as Chad Gable on SmackDown Live.

Big E Has Big Plans

Will Big E Become The Next WWE Champion?

Despite the lack of opportunities, Big E does have big plans for the future. Whether his ideas become a reality remains to be seen.

During an interview with SPORTbibleBig E admits he would love to face Roman Reigns. And since Roman is on SmackDown Live too, it could be a great feud.

“What he’s been doing with the ‘Tribal Chief’ stuff is pretty incredible and he’s been killing this. I think if your goal isn’t to be at the very top, to be a world champion if you’re a singles, then what are you doing here?”

Big E Does Not Rule Out New Day Reform

New Day

Since New Day split without anyone betraying someone, this leaves the door open for them to join forces again later.

If the singles run of Big E goes nowhere, then there is still an opportunity for the popular tag team to reunite. 

“I suppose one of the things to be is incredibly grateful because we got six years together and I’m mostly grateful it didn’t end with me taking a steel chair to Woods or Kofi, that the door is still open.”

In spite of the split, Big E admits the tag team still shares a great connection. The tag team still works together for their podcast, and they do have some projects in the pipeline for the coming months.

E also admits that his singles run will change his persona. In fact, he states he will become a bit more serious.

“There will be times that it calls for me to be more serious, if you watch what I did with Sheamus recently, if a man picks you up and drops you through the windshield of a car, you better be angry!”

Big E also mentions how he does not want to revert back to the stoic bodyguard from several years ago. But given his personality, we very much doubt this will happen in the months to follow. 

Of course, he does need the opportunities to show what he can do.

We hope the WWE does have some plans for Big E in the nearby future. It will certainly be interesting to see how his character evolves going forward.

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