Vince McMahon Livid At Donald Trump, Kenny Omega Working Injured

Vince McMahon Donald Trump

During the “Battle of the Billionaires,” Vince McMahon was apparently livid at Donald Trump. Also, Kenny Omega is currently dealing with an injury as he tries to avoid surgery. 

Vince McMahon Livid At Donald Trump

Vince McMahon and Donald Trump have a relationship that goes back decades. In fact, a few WrestleMania events came from venues owned by Trump.

Back at WrestleMania 23, WWE had a wild idea called the “Battle of the Billionaires.” Vince McMahon and Donald Trump each selected a superstar for a match at the grandest stage of them all.

In the end, Trump’s side won and McMahon had to have his head shaved bald. Therefore, the angle earned WWE lots of publicity on major network channels.

At the time, Court Bauer was a WWE writer and revealed how McMahon was livid at one point during the angle. On Talk Is Jericho, Bauer stated how McMahon felt Trump was trying to show him up.

“We’re doing some sort of in-ring deal with Trump and Vince,” said Bauer. “It was cold, and Donald Trump has that big winter jacket.” 

“He’s 6’4″ or something like that. He’s kind of a deceptively tall guy. They’re doing a promo, and Vince and him are going face-to-face as the ‘Battle of Billionaires’ thing goes down.”

“Afterwards, we’re in the limo and Vince is just livid. They get along great, but there’s that kindred spirit thing with them and everything.” 

“He felt like Donald had intentionally showed him up. He’s like, ‘Did you see that? He was wearing that jacket. Clearly his shoulder pad was stuffed to look bigger. It’s ridiculous.’” 

“And he was really hot about Trump trying to look bigger than him.”

Trump – McMahon Relationship Today

When Trump won the presidency in 2016, he gave Linda McMahon a spot in his cabinet. Also, the McMahon family visited the White House, so they seem to be on okay terms.

With Trump seemingly no longer president in about two months, he could always appear on WWE TV. Maybe, he will buy RAW (in storyline) again or go after SmackDown and NXT.

Kenny Omega Working Injured

Jake Hager

When AEW debuted, many thought Kenny Omega would go right to the main event. Although, he spent most of 2019 having trouble in singles competition, but found success in tag team wrestling.

Now, Omega has an AEW Championship match against J0n Moxley on December 2. He earned the title shot by winning a tournament that concluded at Full Gear.

But, a possible issue heading into the rematch is Omega apparently has a torn labrum. With the help of AEW’s medical staff, he is trying to avoid surgery and time away from the ring.

“So, you know a torn labrum, as you know, is no laughing matter,” said Omega. “That’s a surgery, but I have a very talented and unbelievable trainer and you know our doctors, of course, are always monitoring and making sure we’re doing okay, but our trainer Bryce Ready is just next level kind of guy.”

“He has kept me together and in a condition where I’m able to perform. As long as I make that that I see him two or three times a week I can lift, I have full range of motion.” 

“I just need to make sure that I can look after it and I can avoid having that surgery. I can’t afford having that time off.”

As of now, Omega is not having surgery. But, he he knows if the injury continues to get worse than everything changes.

Moxley defeated Omega in their first encounter, which was an unsanctioned match. The first encounter was so brutal, AEW got a legit fine from the athletic commission.

Whatever you do, be sure to catch the December 2 episode of AEW Dynamite. It does not matter who wins, as the meeting might be a candidate for match of the year.

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