Undertaker’s Farewell Set, Why Retribution Lost Mercedes Martinez

Undertaker's Farewell Set

WWE is in the midst of an Undertaker-themed month of programming, and it all ends with The Undertaker’s final hurrah at Survivor Series. Also, we have a reason why Retribution lost a member already.

Undertaker’s Farewell Set

WWE has been pushing 30 days of Undertaker coverage on the WWE Network. Now we know that it all will end with The Undertaker’s final hurrah at Survivor Series.

the undertaker's final hurrah

Now, we’ve of course believed that we’ve seen his last match or farewell already a time or two. This time, however, it seems very official.

How official?

The news came via WWE’s official social media public relations account on Twitter.

Thus far, there hasn’t been any indication that we should expect an actual match. That could still happen, of course.

Still, it’s likely a safer bet that this final farewell will be a video package and scheduled appearance, and not much else.

Though, would it really shock anyone if WWE makes this into something more than just a farewell? I mean, with Randy Orton now calling himself a legend, moving on from Legend Killer.

Such an angle wouldn’t surprise me…especially keeping in mind that WWE did just release an Orton/Undertaker special on the Network.

It is not hard to imagine WWE doing some foreshadowing in that instance.

Why Retribution Lost Mercedes Martinez

Not that long ago, we discussed that just as quickly as she was added, Mercedes Martinez was off the main roster. Now, we can look deeper into why Retribution lost a member.

Mercedes Martinez was that pulled member. One week she was the 2nd woman in the group, appearing  alongside her other stablemates.

Then, just as quickly, she was gone.

But, why did WWE remove her from the group so fast?

The answer, according to Fightful, may surprise you.

That is…Mercedes Martinez asked out. Of course, we don’t yet have an indication of why she did so…but it would appear that WWE has honored her wishes.

That is a curious move for several reasons.

First, the Retribution angle was a fast track to a main roster spot, and that’s something a veteran like Martinez as coveted.

Second, it’s not often that we hear of a Superstar wanting or asking out of a program…and actually getting his or her way.

Still it would seem that Mercedes Martinez did ask out, and got her wish.

So, we know somewhat why Retribution lost a member, or at least part of the reason why. In time, I expect Martinez to provide a bit more behind why she asked out.

Would it be so shocking if Martinez heard the name, let the look sink in and just couldn’t stomach the reported backstage reactions to the program by other Superstars?

As golden an opportunity as Retribution may have been for her, it would seem that Martinez is betting big on herself.

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