Seth Rollins WWE Break

Seth Rollins will be getting a WWE break as Becky Lynch prepares to give birth. Also, on Twitch, an emotional Zelina Vega talked about her WWE departure. 

Seth Rollins – WWE Break

Shortly, Seth Rollins’ world will dramatically change. Next month, he and his fiancée will be welcoming their first chid into the world.

Since caring for a baby is no easy task, especially for new parents, Rollins will be taking time off from WWE. The estimated time away is four to six weeks.

After Friday’s SmackDown, it seems like WWE is wrapping up angles that feature “The Messiah.” To end their six plus month feud, Rey Mysterio defeated Rollins on Friday.

The match saw Murphy completely turn face as he is no longer a disciple of Rollins. Murphy attacked Rollins with a chair, allowing Mysterio to get the win and end the feud.

For this actions, Rey and Dominik Mysterio gave their blessing for Aalyah Mysterio to date Murphy. Later in show, an angry Rollins demanded a match with Murphy.

Rollins vs. Murphy will take place next week on SmackDown. WWE will book the match in a way to write Rollins out of storylines until late December or early January. 

There is chance WWE has Rollins return during the Royal Rumble Match in late January. The event is known for brining back superstars as surprise entrants.

As for the Becky Lynch, she has remained rather silent since announcing her pregnancy. Outside of a few social media post, she seems to be keeping pregnant life away from fans. 

Emotional Zelina Vega On Release (Video)

WWE decided to release Zelina Vega in a shocking move, which apparently resulted over Twitch. She was not willing to follow WWE’s new policy of leaving third party platforms.

Not longer after the release was made public knowledge, Vega teased that she would appear on Twitch. She specifically thanked Tommy Dreamer, The Rock, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Norman Smiley and Terry Taylor while also getting emotional.

“I wouldn’t have the success that I have if it wasn’t for you guys, if it wasn’t for WWE,” said Vega. “I’m not mad at anyone and I’m not saying anything bad. I’m thankful.”

“All I wanted since I was four-years-old was to be a WWE superstar; not just for me, but for my dad too. I’ve kept [my dad’s wrestling trophy] since he wanted to be a WWE superstar as well and obviously he couldn’t.” 

“When he passed away on 9/11, I made a decision to do it for me but for him too. Thanks to WWE, I was able to do it. For my match with Asuka, I had his name [on my gear].”

“This is all I wanted to do […] I’m sad. I’m completely heartbroken. Obviously, this isn’t the last you will see of me.” 

“I love you all and I’m thankful for every single one of you. If I go down as someone that stood up for themselves, so be it.”

The release was met with shock and lots of well wishes poured in. WWE not allowing superstars to use third party platforms to make money has drawn criticism from the political world too.

There is a chance WWE could be facing some tough questions and forced to answer questions with how they label their talent. In conclusion, Vega seems like the first major name to have been terminated for her decision to stay on Twitch.