Renee Young Destroys WWE’s Lana Storyline On Social Media

Renee Young takes a swipe at Lana's storyline

Former WWE commentator Renee Young took a swipe at the Lana storyline with Nia Jax. Unfortunately, the blonde beauty was put through a table one too many times during a recent match.

Lana Put Through A Table Too Many Times

Lana was put through a table one too many times

So, let us give you a bit of background. As you know, Lana recently had a match with Nia Jax

During the match, Lana was put through a table eight times. Evidently, this has caused quite an uproar among fans. 

Because of the incident, Lana is actually enjoying lots of fan support. Fans believe the WWE is making Lana look weak on purpose. 

Some believe Lana is being punished for her husband Rusev heading to rival promotion AEW. Even though we cannot say for sure, it is clear the wrestler is being punished for something. 

Renee Young Takes A Swipe At Lana Storyline And WWE App

Former WWE commentator Renee Young took a swipe at Lana’s storyline as well as the WWE app at the same time. She did so with this tweet on social media. 

Fans believe Lana is being mistreated, but there could be more to it than that! In fact, some believe there might be some Survivor Series revenge in the works.

Will Lana Take It All At Survivor Series?

Could Lana take it all at Survivor Series

Lana is being portrayed as the weakest wrestler at the moment. But some believe that there is a plan behind it all.

Survivor Series is coming up and some believe Lana will play a pivotal role in it. In fact, it is claimed that Lana will be the last woman standing.

If Lana becomes the last person standing for team Raw, it could justify some of the build-up the WWE had so far. After all, not a single member of her team is supporting her at the moment. 

Lana could become the ultimate underdog story. In fact, this could be the beginning of Lana being taken seriously as a pro wrestler. 

We all know Lana has worked hard to become a pro wrestler. While she was stuck in manager roles, she continued to work towards an in-ring career.

Despite a lot of rejection, Lana continued to work and it seems that this hard work may see dividend at Survivor Series.

What If Lana Does Not Take It All?

Could WWE be punishing Lana

If the big moment does not come at Survivor Series, we have to ask ourselves some serious questions. Why is the WWE treating Lana this way?

While we do not put the WWE beyond petty behavior, this would be a new low for them. If they are using Lana as a punishment for Rusev (Miro), the brand would sink to a whole new low. 

So, all eyes are on the storyline continuation at Survivor Series. Will Lana finally get the opportunity to show how far she has come as a pro wrestler?

Or will Lana be forever a manager without any serious clout in the business? We hope she will get the opportunity she has worked for, but let’s wait and see.

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