FTR Reveals NXT Contract Offer Before Their Move To AEW

FTR reveals NXT contract offer before move to AEW

FTR revealed they received an WWE NXT contract offer before their move to AEW in a recent interview. This sheds quite the different light on WWE’s eagerness to keep the tag team on their roster.

Almost Tempted To Stay


During an interview with TalkSportCash and Dax revealed they almost stayed at the WWE. According to both men, the doubt came when FTR got offered an NXT contract.

“There were talks with us and Triple H to go back to NXT and they tried very hard to keep us. It was all professional and all respectful and we were very gracious to the offers we got and to what Triple H was going to provide for us, but ultimately, we knew that our time in WWE was over at that time.

Once we got pulled from all of our dates on the main roster, it was down to NXT as the option and we talked to Hunter at length. There were offers on the table that were very tempting because we loved NXT and we loved our time there, but at the end of the day like Dax said, we knew that our time there was done.”

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler never had anything bad to say about Triple H or their time in NXT. This explains why the offer might have been tempting for them. 



As you may know already, FTR had some incredible success in NXT. They had many classic matches against DIY and American Alpha.

Unfortunately, their momentum somewhat ended on the main roster. Even though they captured championship gold, there was always something missing.

During their interview, Harwood stressed that their move to AEW was not done for the money. In fact, he claims the duo owes professional wrestling.

“And we owe professional wrestling something and not just because of monetary reasons, but because of what it has done for us in the past as kids, growing up into adults and now being able to provide for ourselves and our families.”

And while FTR recently lost the tag team gold to the Young Bucks, they had an amazing run at AEW so far. The match they put on at Full Gear as amazing to say the least.

So, it seems that FTR achieved their goals by going to AEW.

FTR Recognizes AEW Is Competition.

Dax Harwood calls AEW experience a dream compared to WWE

FTR recognized that All Elite Wrestling is competition for the WWE during their interview. In fact, they mention how nothing like this has been around since WCW. 

And they are right. Since its foundation, AEW has been gaining ground on the WWE.

Of course, the brands are inherently quite different. WWE is still bringing out wrestling like the year 2000, while AEW is focusing on new younger talent.

It will be interesting to see how both brands stack up against each other in the years to come. But more importantly, it will be interesting to see how FTR goes in the history books.

We are sure they have an amazing career ahead of them still. 

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