Eric Bischoff Destroys The WWE For Their Promos And Camera Cuts

Eric Bischoff rips on WWE for promos and camera cuts

Eric Bischoff has criticized the WWE for its promos and frequent camera cuts. In fact, he held nothing back during his 83 Weeks podcast.

Ongoing Promo Problems

Bischoff criticized WWE for promos and camera cuts

The former WWE general manager let loose during his podcast.

“I don’t know why anybody today still continues to shoot promos that way, because it’s about as 2001 as you can get. The technique has advanced so far beyond that. Particularly in WWE, I’m not here to bang on them, but it is what it is, and I’ve been b—hing about this for the last 15 years, so it’s nothing new. But God d–n, figure out a different way to shoot your promos, because they suck as they are for the most part.”

Eric Bischoff continued to say how the WWE’s promos are not believable. He also thinks that this is one of the main reasons why fans no longer get sucked into storylines.

WWE Copied TNA

Eric Bischoff

During his podcast, Bischoff also claimed that the WWE copied TNA. In fact, he claims the WWE started to copy TNA’s promos in 2010.

Despite copying the TNA promo, Bischoff claims the company soon reverted to its old promos. 

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and I was actually flattered that they were copying what we were doing because I knew it was good. And they gave it up and went back to their old way, which they are still doing today, which blows my fu–ing mind.”

There is no denying that the WWE’s promos leave much to be desired. In fact, it may have cost the brand a considerable amount of viewers.

Camera Cuts

Eric Bischoff

Bischoff also mentioned how the WWE’s camera work can be somewhat unpleasant. And I honestly have to second him in that statement.

I watched the WWE for years, and the recent camera switches are noticeable. Sometimes, it is even difficult to watch the product.

Realism is definitely a problem the company is struggling with. Storylines are no longer relatable, and this is a problem that Bischoff picked up on as well. 

For the WWE to be successful, it needs to get with the times. Based on Bischoff’s statements, it seems that the WWE is very much stuck in the past. 

Vince McMahon has not only been criticized for the WWE format lately either. In fact, many wrestlers are calling for a union.

A union would protect wrestlers against the unfair demands of Vince McMahon. Still, the power Vince currently holds makes it difficult for wrestlers to unionize in any shape or form.

Based on Eric Bischoff’s statements, the WWE has its work cut out. After all, lots of different areas of the brand need to be remade so the brand can regain its success. 

Of course, a revamp of the brand will be easier said than done. According to rumors, Vince McMahon is not really open to ideas different than its own.

It will be interesting to see if the WWE actually changes or not…

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