Cody Rhodes Discusses His Relationship With WWE Legend John Cena

Cody Rhodes and John Cena

Cody Rhodes recently discussed his relationship with WWE legend John Cena. The former TNT Champion also elaborated on the marketing techniques used by AEW.

A Great Guy

John Cena at Wrestlemania 36?

Cody Rhodes opened up about his relationship with John Cena during an episode of AEW Unrestricted

“He’s killing it. John’s a great guy. I drove John around for a year – super valuable learning experience. He was going through a cowboy phase when I drove him around. And he was into Coors Original, the Banquet beer, and he was such a diligent, hard-working guy. He was up at 6:00 a.m. every day squatting, nearing the 500-600 pound level.”

“He was just an absolute Olympic lifting monster. I have lost communication with him, but absolutely, what a good leader. A wonderful individual, and I’m so happy he’s able to have blown up in the way he has because he has been on such a journey.”

In addition to talking about Cena being a nice guy, Rhodes also criticized the WWE for their marketing techniques. He also expanded on AEW’s own marketing techniques. 

WWE Misrepresents Marketing Materials According To Cody

Cody Rhodes also claimed that the WWE uses its marketing materials in the wrong way. In fact, he believes putting inactive wrestlers on promo materials is a common practice by the WWE.

Rhodes states that inactive wrestlers such as The Undertaker and John Cena are used front and center in promotional materials. Of course, this means that other wrestlers are largely ignored.

Instead of using inactive wrestlers, AEW uses the ‘main guy’ in the marketing materials. 

“It’s not negative. If you’re trying to present ‘Ricky Starks is our guy. He’s the future.’ Well then, don’t make him the same size of– who I was going to say was mean. He’s got to be front and center; he has to be presented as such. That is wrestling. That’s one of the problems that WWE has – it’s still John Cena and The Undertaker. They’re not wrestling!”

Rhodes does have a serious point. In fact, using marketing materials like this prevents the rise of other potential big stars.

Not Featured On Original Game Artwork

AEW Video Game

AEW is currently working on an AEW video game suitable for various platforms. Interestingly enough, Cody’s image was not used in the first wave of promotional materials.

There was a clear reason why Cody was missing from the original artwork. Basically, the character needed to be revised.

Designers had to change his hair from black back to blonde for his brief hair change after the title win. 

In addition to that, designers also had to get the size of his neck tattoo right. Fortunately, this does mean Cody will be featured in future promotional material.

The company filed a trademark for the game in October. It is currently being developed with Aubrey Edwards as one of the developers. 

It will be interesting to see how the game comes to fruition. 

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