Brock Lesnar’s Daughter Becomes Minnesota Shot Putter Champion

WWE wrestler's daughter Mya Lesnar becomes Minnesota Champion

WWE Brock Lesnar’s daughter Mya has become a champion just like her father, but not in wrestling or MMA… Here is everything you need to know about Mya Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar’s Daughter Mya Becomes Minnesota Shot Putt Champion

Mya Lesnar becomes shot putter champion of Minnesota

Athleticism definitely runs in the Lesnar family. In fact, Mya Lesnar was just named as the Minnesota shot putter champion.

Winning the Minnesota championship is impressive. However, the win also means she is the sixth best shot-putter in the United States – at 18 years old.

In addition to her championship win, Mya also studies at Arizona State University. Within the university, she also participates in track and field. 

It looks like Mya has inherited her father’s skills in multiple areas of sports. It will be exciting to see how far she will go.

Brock Lesnar’s Personal Life

The multiple time WWE champion married Rene Greek in 2006. While the name Rena Greek might not mean a lot at the moment, she is better known under her WWE name Sable.

Brock and his wife Sable currently live in Maryfield, Saskatchewan. It is widely known that the wrestler prefers the quietness of country life. 

Brock and Sable had two sons together, Turk and Duke. Brock also has two children from a previous relationship, Mya Lynn and Luke. 

Mya and Luke are twins and are both very involved in sports. While Mya is competing in track and field, Luke plays ice hockey.

Brock also is a stepfather, as Sable has a daughter from her first husband. 

Very little is known about Brock Lesnar outside of wrestling. It is quite known that the wrestler has quite a dislike for media. 

Brock rarely gives interviews and is fiercely private. He is also known to refuse to speak to fans outside of a WWE setting. 

Despite of his private nature, Brock is an avid supporter of the Republican Party. He is also an outspoken member of the National Rifle Association. 

In 2011, Brock Lesnar spoke at the NRA annual meeting. He also took up a role as a spokesman for the Fusion Ammunition company. 

And, since Brock’s three sons play ice hockey, it is no surprise that Brock is also an ice hockey fan. In fact, he appears to be a fan of the Winnipeg Jets.

Brock also had a known addiction to alcohol and painkillers during his first run in the WWE. This is not a surprise, as many wrestlers have fallen victim to this in their early career. 

Because of his addiction to pain medication and alcohol, Brock previously claimed he remembers little for an entire two years of his career.

The Sky’s The Limit

Brock Lesnar Status Clarified

It seems that the sky’s the limit for the Lesnar family. While Lesnar is enjoying the fruits of his years as a UFC fighter and wrestler, his kids are now entering their professional sports careers.

It will be interesting to see what Brock’s kids will achieve. We are sure they will be just as great as their famous father.

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