Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Pose For Pregnancy Photoshoot

Becky Lynch pregnancy photoshoot

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch had a pregnancy photoshoot to celebrate the impending arrival of their first child. The pair took some fantastic snaps and posted them on their Instagram account. 

The Photoshoot Of The Expecting Couple

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins first baby

While many other photos were taken, Becky Lynch posted four that were taken during the photoshoot. And from the looks of it, Seth Rollins‘ and Becky Lynch’s first child is due any day now.

Based on the photographs, it looks like Becky Lynch has kept in excellent shape. Obviously, this is no easy feat when you are pregnant. 

It’s been a bit quiet around the WWE since Becky left and she is sorely missed. In fact, you could argue the women’s division is only a husk of what it used to be without her. 

When Is The Baby Due?

Becky Lynch's New Look

There is currently no exact date for the baby’s arrival. However, fans believe it has to be within the next four to six weeks.

Seth Rollins has taken some time off from the WWE in preparation. Therefore, many people are convinced the baby will arrive very soon. 

We cannot wait to see the first snaps of baby Lynch-Rollins!

In the meantime, we speculate about the possible arrival date and gender! 

Fans have also been speculating about Becky Lynch’s possible return to pro wrestling. At the beginning of the pregnancy, Rollins claimed Becky would want to return.

Of course, motherhood can change everything. So, we will have to wait and see if Becky ever returns to pro wrestling.

If she does return though, she will need a while to recover after giving birth. After all, it is known that getting in shape to fast post-pregnancy could be potentially harmful for the body.

Whether it takes a year or several years, if Becky does decide to return, we will be happy to see her again. 

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