Another WWE Superstar Stalking Scare, Why Dana Brooke And Batista Failed

WWE Superstar Stalking Scare

In a bit of troubling news, we have learned of another WWE Superstar stalking scare recently. Additionally, here’s why Dana Brooke and Batista failed as a would-be couple.

Another WWE Superstar Stalking Scare

It wasn’t all that long ago that we discussed the scary stalking of Sonya Deville. Now, we have another WWE Superstar stalking scare.

This time around, it involves retired Superstar Paige and her boyfriend.

WWE Superstar Stalking Scare

Though injuries cut her career short, Paige remains a popular WWE Superstar in her own right.

Clearly, some fans go too far, as she experienced recently.

When one fan got way too close for comfort, Paige and her boyfriend had to deal with the craziness. They posted about it on social media.

Fortunately, in this case, the individual was subdued and police were able to intervene.

Paige’s boyfriend, musician Ronnie Radke, was the one who managed to hold down the crazed individual until law enforcement arrived.

He posted this note to his social media account after the scary stalking incident.

It’s yet another stalking scare. However, it’s good to know that both Paige and her boyfriend were unharmed.

Why Dana Brooke And Batista Failed

You may recall that at one point not long ago, it seemed as though Dana Brooke and Batista were going to get together. That wasn’t the case, so we want to know why  Dana Brooke and Batista failed.

Dana Brooke recently spoke about the teased relationship. The current WWE Superstar openly flirted with the WWE Hall of Famer, going back to last year.

While the two fitness buffs would seem like a perfect match, the reality is they just never got to test that out.

Dana Brooke recently spoke with Forbes, and their near-relationship was one of the topics for discussion.

As much as we might love some juicy or sordid tales, that isn’t what’s coming in this one.

Brooke said that she and Batista talked about it, but could just never make things line up. That inability was due in large part to two different and very hectic schedules.

Dana Brooke is busy as a WWE Superstar, of course. For his end, Batista is also quite busy, now as a movie star.

So, the two never could sync up to become an impressive power couple. Still, Dana Brooke did end up dating another big star-pro boxer Ulysses Diaz.

Funny enough, Brooke and Diaz are both friendly with Batista, but that’s all.

Perhaps one day, when both are single and schedules are less hectic, they may finally get to go on that much-hyped date.

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