AEW Signs Two Exciting Wrestlers, Taking Tag Teams To The Next Level!

AEW signs two exciting wrestlers for its tag team division

AEW confirmed the signing of two exciting new wrestlers for its tag team division. For those of you who watched AEW last week, you probably already guessed who the two new exciting wrestlers are!

Top Flight Signed By All Elite Wrestling

Top Flight signed by AEW

One of the most exciting upcoming tag teams is undoubtedly Top Flight. But now, they have found a permanent home at All Elite Wrestling. 

All Elite announced they signed Top Flight with an official Twitter post. 

The team of Darius and Dante Martin have been wrestling on AEW Dark, but until last week they were not signed to the brand. However, it seems both wrestlers impressed during their match with the Young Bucks.

Darius and Dante stood out considerably when they took on The Young Bucks. In fact, the pair made the ‘five moments of the week’ overview for AEW. 

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Changes In The Tag Team Division

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

While AEW has some impressive tag teams, the addition of Darius and Dante could signify some serious changes in the division. After all, an exciting young tag team is always fun to watch.

AEW only has one tag team title at the moment, so matches are limited. In addition to that, overall TV time is considerably less compared to WWE.

But that has not stopped AEW from bringing an amazing product every week. In fact, I think the episodes are way too short, and that’s a good sign!

And there is certainly room for some new blood, especially since Hangman and Omega dropped the titles. It remains to be seen how much of a threat the new team will be.

It is clear however, that AEW values experience above all. And this has reflected in championship winners over the past year. 

Nevertheless, being signed enables the team to familiarize itself with the AEW universe and continue growing.

What’s Next For The New Tag Team

Top Flight Signed By AEW

I doubt there will be title opportunities for Top Flight from the get go. If anything, the tag team might be built slowly but surely into champions.

Of course, there are other factions and tag teams on the roster that need to be considered.

Jurassic Express is the first one that comes to mind.

Jurassic Express has become a fan favorite in the tag team division. Of course, The Young Bucks are still the ultimate favorites, but new talent certainly makes things more interesting.

It is fun to see how AEW invests in younger talent and gives them the opportunity to grow in the business. On top of that, nothing is stopping them from working other promotions.

And Darius and Dante are not the only new signed wrestlers to the brand. Recently, news came to us that Matt Sydal also signed with All Elite.

Matt Sydal is a former WWE superstar, better known under the name Evan Bourne. Now, he is a singles competitor in the division.

From the moment he arrived, Sydal was a fan favorite due to his charisma and experience. Now, Darius and Dante will have to work a little harder to achieve that.

But while they are new and young, I cannot wait to see what they grow into.

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