X-Pac’s Ripped Anus And 6 Other Bizarre WWE Injuries

list Bizarre WWE injuries

There have been some bizarre injuries in WWE history, including X-Pac’s ripped anus. So, we created a list with the most bizarre WWE injuries in history!

Here are some of the strangest and weirdest injuries throughout the years!

X-Pac’s Ripped Anus

X-Pac's Ripped anus and 6 other bizarre injuries

While WWE had its fair share of bizarre injuries, none are as bizarre as X-Pac’s ripped anus injury. This rather odd injury happened during a Jerry Lynn tribute show in 2013.

When performing his characteristic Bronco Buster, he landed hard on the turnbuckle. However, the did not notice anything was seriously wrong until the afterparty of the tribute show.

As soon as he noticed a significant amount of blood in his singlet, an ambulance was called. X-Pac was transported to the hospital where he underwent sphincteroplasty for a ripped anus.

While the injury may sound a little funny, it was quite serious. Fortunately, X-Pac made a full recovery.

Nevertheless, X-Pac tops our list of the most bizarre injuries.

Randy’s Shoulder Separation By Taunt

Randy Orton's shoulder injury

Most wrestlers get injured while performing a dangerous move. However, Randy Orton got a serious injury by performing his characteristic taunt.

Back in 2010, Randy had a match with Edge. As he was setting up for the RKO, disaster struck.

While performing his trademark taunt, Randy separated his shoulder. Needless to say, he needed some serious surgery to get that repaired!

Also, Randy proved that injuries can also happen because of pure bad luck. Talk about a dangerous taunt though!

Vince McMahon’s Quad Tear

Vince McMahon tore both his quads

Vince McMahon is another addition to our list of bizarre injuries. In fact, the WWE Chairman tore both his quads in the weirdest way possible.

At the Royal Rumble, a match botch saw Batista and John Cena fall out of the ring at the same time. Evidently, this brought the result into question.

Vince McMahon rushed to the ring in his characteristic fashion. However, both Vince McMahon’s quads gave out as soon as he entered the ring.

As the cameras continued rolling, Vince just sat down against the ropes. However, it quickly became clear that the chairman was severely injured. 

From the moment Vince McMahon tore his quads, his future ring entrance was a lot more careful. And you cannot really blame him, as two torn quads is the worst injury Vince McMahon ever suffered.

Andre The Giant’s Weird Ankle Injury

Andre The Giant had a weird ankle injury

There are many ways in which you can hurt your ankle, just ask Andre The Giant. However, Andre The Giant did not hurt his ankle during a match. 

Since he was a rather large man, he would get injured quite easily. In the 1980’s, Andre The Giant suffered a broken ankle just getting out of bed! 

While this might seem really odd, you have to consider the condition Andre suffered from. Andre had something called acromegaly, which caused his bones to continuously grow.

The continuous growth of his bones caused severe brittleness over time. It also lead to Andre having tremendous and continuous pain later in his life. 

Mickie James’ Breast Implant Burst

WWE Mickie James suffered a burst breast implant

It is widely known that many female wrestlers have breast implants. But the wrestling ring is not the safest environment for breast implants.

Mickie James found this out the hard way, as she burst a breast implant. The incident happened during a match with Beth Phoenix in 2009.

Since Mickie James burst the breast implant, she has spoken out about the painfulness of the injury. Fortunately, she managed to get the implant restored.

And Mickie James is not the only one who has suffered a ruptured implant. In fact, it appears Charlotte is currently away from wrestling to repair an implant issue.

There have been other female wrestlers who suffered from a burst breast implant in the past. Among known names are Gail Kim, Chyna, and ODB.

The moral of the story, wrestlers probably should not have breast implants!

Brutus’ Face Paralysis

List of Bizarre WWE injuries

And our list of WWE bizarre injuries continues with Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake. Brutus made our WWE bizarre injuries list due to a severe case of facial paralysis. 

While parasailing, Brutus suffered serious facial injuries. In fact, it caused his face to collapse. 

Paramedics had to pry open Brutus’ mouth so that he could breathe. Needless to say, he had to undergo major surgery to get everything repaired!

As a result of the accident, Brutus lost his jaw and nasal cavity. He could not even breathe on his own for months and had his eyes sewn shut to prevent severe bleeding.

To get Brutus on the mend, surgeons had to use 100 foot of wire and a whopping 32 screws. 

As the story goes, Hulk Hogan visited Brutus in the hospital. While he tried to lift his spirits, his eyeball popped out of his skull.

Despite the rather serious injury, Brutus made a full recovery. Looking at him today, you would not notice the man had anything wrong with him in the past. 

Sami’s Excitement

WWE's Sami Zayn had some trouble too

Sami Zayn made his main roster debut against none other than John Cena. He did this by answering Cena’s US Title open challenge in 2015.

Zayn was already quite known in NXT before he made his debut. However, a debut against a star of Cena’s caliber is a whole different matter.

His excitement would be his undoing though. As he made his way to the ring, he actually injured himself.

According to the stories, Zayn suffered a rather severe shoulder injury. But in spite of the injury, he continued and finish his debut match.

Shortly after the match, Zayn had surgery to repair his shoulder. While he did made a comeback after, his progress on the main roster was seriously hampered.

Fortunately for Zayn, things turned out okay eventually. Only recently, he found his way to the WWE Intercontinental Championship again. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people state that Sami Zayn never reached the heights he got on NXT while being on the main roster. Time will tell if he can eventually make his way to the Universal Championship, or if this will be a sad story in our list of bizarre WWE injuries.

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