WWE Hints At Keeping ThunderDome Even After Fans Can Attend Again

WWE using Thunderdome

WWE’s digital ThunderDome allowed fans to continue attending events during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the concept could potentially remain once the pandemic is over. 

Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke with Insider this week, hinting that there could be a permanent future for ThunderDome.

WWE ThunderDome After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Thunderdome could enrich fan experience according to Stephanie McMahon

When asked about the longevity of the ThunderDome project, Stephanie McMahon stated that “anything is possible.” In fact, she thinks ThunderDome could enhance fan experience long after the pandemic is over.

“We really do want to create the best possible experience for our fans. One that’s worthy of their passion so we’re examining all kinds of things and you could see both. I think we’re going to see a lot in all businesses and in particular the entertainment industries and sports, a lot of combinations of the new learnings from all this technology, plus the fundamental foundational learning that we have to move our businesses forward. So it’ll be an intersection of what works best.”

While ThunderDome could certainly enhance fan experience, the application of it will be more difficult. Once fans fill the seats again, what would be the benefit of the digital experience?

Maybe the WWE could come up with a way the digital experience has some extra perks? It remains to be seen if the Dome will continue.

Coronavirus Tension

Wrestlemania was in doubt

Stephanie McMahon also admitted there was a lot of tension in the boardroom at the start of the pandemic. After all, the company had no idea if they could organize WrestleMania for live or online.

By the middle of March, many cities around the world had gone into lockdown. Consequently, this made WrestleMania impossible as a live event. 

“We had to quickly pivot to decide — A) does the show still go on? and B) if so, where and how? We decided that yes we have responsibility to our audience, and to our partners, to continue to produce our programming.”

During the pandemic, there were some rumors about SummerSlam taking place on international waters. Now, I wonder if that ludicrous rumor was actually discussed before ThunderDome really took off?

WWE eventually decided on taping the event and holding it over two nights at The Performance Center. But despite this minor success, there were more problems to overcome.

McMahon states that the WWE wanted to look at a new business plan. This business plan considered the safety of fans, employees, and talent. 

And this is how ThunderDome came to be. Of course, the WWE has not been perfect when it comes to adhering to coronavirus measures.

Since the arrival of ThunderDome, the company has dealt with a number of alleged coronavirus cases. In recent weeks, Nia Jax, Nikki Cross, Shayna Baszler and Retribution were ‘not medically cleared’ to wrestle.

Needless to say, there is some work to do in terms of public transparency. Despite this, Stephanie’s interview undoubtedly did something good for the WWE’s current image.

Hopefully, coronavirus measures are sufficient to protect the rest of their staff members. In the meantime, we look forward to the next ThunderDome experience.

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