Wrestler Collapsed And Died During Match, WWE Stars Pay Tribute

Mexican wrestler collapsed and died, WWE stars pay tribute

WWE stars are paying tribute this week to a Mexican wrestler who collapsed and died during a match. Unfortunately, it is with sadness we report the death of 26-year-old wrestler Principe Aereo.

Mexican Wrestler Principe Aereo Died And Collapsed During A Match

Principe Aereo - wrestler died and collapsed during wrestling match, WWE stars pay tribute

It is a sad day for the wrestling world. Unfortunately, news reached us that Principe Aereo collapsed and died during a match.

The footage from the match could be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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Aereo’s opponent noticed something was wrong immediately and checked on the wrestler. Only a few moments later, the wrestler was taken out of the ring.

Shortly after he collapsed in the ring, Aereo was transported to the local hospital. However, the wrestler was declared dead shortly afterwards. 

The cause of death is yet to be determined. Some reports suggest the wrestler suffered a heart attack or a stroke.

WWE Wrestlers Pay Tribute To Aereo

Tributes for Aereo are pouring in

Several WWE stars paid tribute to the Mexican wrestler as the news hit the media. One wrestling legend who paid tribute is Mick Foley.

Santos Escobar, a NXT superstar superstar as well as a member of the cruiserweight roster, also paid tribute to Aereo. He posted a message on social media, but also changed his profile pic to an image of Aereo.

Many wrestling fans also paid tribute to the wrestler. And, some wrestling events in Mexico held moments of applause in his honor.

Mas Lucha Claims To Know Cause Of Death

Lucha Blog claims to know cause of death

Only a day after the horrific death of Aereo, Mas Lucha claims to know the cause of death. According to them, the wrestler suffered a ruptured middle cerebral artery.

So, the claims of Mas Luchas counters previous reports of a stroke or heart attack. However, there is not official confirmation supporting this new theory.

Mas Luchas does seem to quote the medical report. However, we do wonder how they managed to obtain this information. 

Either way, the death of the wrestler is unexpected and terribly sad. After all, the wrestler was only 26 years old.

More tributes are expected on other promotions around the world including AEW.

Unfortunately, Aereo is not the first wrestler to die in the ring. Many wrestlers died of heart disease. 

Gary Albright, Mike Dibiase, Luther Lindsay, Larry Cameron and Malcolm Kirk all died of heart-related problems. Their deaths are remembered because they died in the ring.

Other wrestlers who died in the ring experienced some form of brain injury. One of them was Plum Mariko.

Plum Mariko suffered several head traumas during her career, which eventually killed her. She was also the first woman in Japan to die from wrestling injuries in the ring.

The final and probably most prolific wrestler who died in the ring was Owen Hart. As you know, he died after falling to his death from a great height. 

Another death in the wrestling ring makes one wonder if medical checks are currently sufficient in the wrestling business. Maybe it is time for a reform?

We send our condolences to Aereos family and strength in this difficult time.

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