Why Triple H & Stephanie Aren’t Executive Directors, Otis’ MITB

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One question fans have wondered: why The Levesques were not executive directors for RAW and SmackDown. Now, we may understand.

Also, what is the status of Otis’ contract after Sunday at Hell In A Cell?

Why Triple H & Stephanie Aren’t Executive Directors

It’s a question that some wondered, and now we can dive into: why were HHH and Stephanie McMahon not named executive directors of RAW and SmackDown?

To refresh everyone, way back in the pre-COVID times, WWE changed things up and added executive directors to both RAW and SmackDown.

Paul Heyman got one gig, with Eric Bischoff getting the other.

Personally, I was more surprised by the Bischoff announcement. I’ve always liked Paul Heyman, and felt he did a good job in the executive director role.

However, neither man lasted too long in that role. Eric Bischoff was gone in just a few months, and Paul Heyman’s role was scrapped in early 2020.

But still, we wonder…why the Levesques didn’t become executive directors?

Despite that short lifespan, we can still wonder: why did HHH and Stephanie McMahon not become executive directors?

According to Fightful, the answer may be both obvious, and not controversial at all.

In the case of Stephanie McMahon, she is said to be happy with her current role. This indicates that she was not interested in the position.

That seems to have worked out. McMahon just earned herself an award, and even without the executive director title, it’s not like she’s not involved in WWE decisions all the time.

What about Hunter?

For HHH, the belief is the role would have been his…if he had wanted it.

Since he did not become executive director, the supposition is that he was not interested. Hunter could very well be quite content to run NXT and chime in elsewhere as needed.

In any case, the executive director positions for both RAW and SmackDown are both vacant. There is no indication that WWE would be moving to fill either one anytime soon.

Especially considering that both shows are currently shooting from the same building, and WWE has been cutting staff, it seems unlikely we would see new executive directors soon (if at all).

However, if Vince insisted on filling the roles once again, things could change. Perhaps HHH or Stephanie (or both) expresses an interest in a future vacancy?

Nepotism be damned, it seems to be a safe bet that should either Stephanie or Hunter want the ED role, they’d be getting it.

Otis’ MITB

If you did not watch Hell In A Cell on Sunday, stop reading now. We are going to dive into if the MITB contract changed hands.

In short, yes, The Miz beat Otis. The Miz left the ring as the new Money In The Bank briefcase holder.

But…does the briefcase have the contract?

Otis has been chased by The Miz for weeks now, with Miz wanting the contract. During the earliest parts of the program, we learned that the contract was not in the briefcase…but rather Otis carried it in his lunch pail.

He carried both containers to the ring on Sunday. Would WWE really throw us that curveball?

Of course they would.

Now, the turn wasn’t a complete shock-the timing, perhaps, but not the turn. Ever since Otis began to emerge as an unlikely recipient of a singles push, fans had begun to speculate on a Tucker heel turn.

Now, we speculate no more

I mean, we can always speculate. Now, with Hell In A Cell behind us, we can spend more time analyzing.

Specifically, was the contract in the briefcase or the lunch pail?

Beyond that major question, there is also this:

Thanks to the recent draft, each man is on a different brand. Having Tucker turn on Otis now just seems a bit unusual.

Being on different shows, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Logic would dictate that the program adopts a slow burn. Or are we about to see some sort of trade to get Tucker and Otis on the same brand?

That gap in logic is easily fixed. However, we have to wait for this week’s RAW to even see exactly where it is all headed.

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