Paige Uses Draft To Bash WWE For Recent Twitch Problems

Paige lashes out at WWE for Twitch problems

This week’s WWE draft gave Paige the perfect opportunity to lash out at the WWE for the recent Twitch problems. After all, Twitch accounts are about to be taken over by the company.

Paige Calls On WWE Twitch Problems After The Draft


The WWE draft saw numerous superstars switch brands. Of course, some superstars were not drafted, including Paige.

Paige retired unexpectedly after suffering another serious neck injury. Since then, she started a career on streaming platform Twitch.

However, she is still signed by the WWE. With recent developments, that could mean she has to give part of her revenue to the WWE.

When Paige was asked which brand she was drafted to, she jokingly said “Twitch.” Needless to say, Paige is probably far from happy with the current situation.


Since Paige is still under contract with the WWE, her Twitch revenue is no longer her own. In addition to that, WWE will take control of her account and content.

WWE’s Policy On Third-Party Platforms

Twitch accounts will soon be taken over

Some time ago, WWE decided to ban wrestlers from using third-party platforms. Evidently, this led to a huge backlash among superstars and fans.

Since the backlash, Vince McMahon retracted his stance on third-party platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that the company will stop trying to control its stars.

Instead of banning accounts, Vince decided wrestlers could use platforms under their own name. Unfortunately, it did not stop there.

A few weeks after the original announcement, Vince McMahon decided to take control of active third-party accounts. Part of the revenue stream of those accounts will also go to the WWE.

Superstars who are quite active on third-party channels were far from happy with the decision. Even though they built their own channel, soon their revenue will drop due to WWE.

For retired superstars such as Paige, Twitch becomes a huge source of income. Paige also dedicated herself to Twitch streaming opposed to wrestling.

Earlier in October, Paige released the following statement.

“Twitch is MY place what I built with my wonderful fans. A place where people can go and feel some positivity and little bit of normalcy. Fun. Interactive. Non judgemental. Charitable place. I’m proud of what I built with my fan base,”

This is an obvious signal to the WWE. And you cannot really blame her for it.

How Long Will WWE Continue With These Practices?

Vince McMahon

Even John Cena has to give some of his movie revenue to the WWE these days. In any other company, that would be considered ludicrous. 

The company has a stranglehold on its staff and any exterior income. So, you could argue stars never really stop working for WWE, especially bigger talents.

Add to that the fact that WWE wrestlers do not have proper health insurance. If anything does happen to them, who will take care of the medical costs? 

And once a superstar no longer gets used on the main roster, where do they go for extra income if they believe they are about to be released? There are many questions coming from this recent development. 

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