Mia Yim Files Trademark For In-Ring Name, Countering WWE’s Filing

Mia Yim trademark filing for in-ring name

Mia Yim allegedly filed for the trademark of her in-ring name. This goes against a previous filing done by the WWE.

Mia Yim’s Trademark Filing For In-Ring Name

Mia Yim files trademark for her own in-ring name

Mia Yim seems to be taking on the WWE for her in-ring name. The wrestler filed a trademark with the patent office for “Mia Yim.”

Interestingly, the WWE has an active patent on Mia Yim as they filed the trademark in 2009. 

However, it looks like the WWE will lose the trademark for Mia later this year. The reason is that the company failed to submit a consent letter for the name.

The official statement reads:

“Registration is refused because the applied-for mark consists of or comprises a name, portrait, or signature identifying a particular living individual whose written consent to register the mark is not of record.”

In other words, Mia must support the claim of the WWE for them to file the trademark. Since this has not happened, the WWE cannot put a claim on her name.

Will This Mean Repercussions For Yim?

Mia Yim

Nobody can blame Yim for filing the trademark for her name. After all, the WWE is trying to systematically take over everything surrounding their superstars.

At the end of October, the WWE is expected to take over third-party accounts from its superstars. This includes on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

With WWE taking royalties and revenue for projects outside the WWE, Yim is doing the right thing. But you do have to wonder if it will have repercussions for Mia Yim in the company.

Vince McMahon likes his control. At least, if recent events were anything to go by. 

It remains to be seen if WWE will contest the trademark. Or if there will be repercussions for Retribution member Mia Yim. 

WWE’s Need For Control

WWE Vince McMahon

WWE keeps a strong grip on its talent. As reported earlier this month, the WWE is looking for complete control.

The most recent incident involved WWE taking over third-party accounts from its stars. This means that superstars such as Paige will have to give part of their revenue to WWE.

Of course, the level of control does not stop there. Countless superstars who left the WWE could not continue with their chosen ring name.

A prime example is Rusev who could not use that name anymore on the wrestling circuit. Instead, he went to AEW under the name Miro.

Tag team The Revival had a similar experience with the WWE. Even when trying to trademark “The Shatter Machine,” which is their finisher, the WWE contested it. 

To continue wrestling, The Revival took up the name FTR. Evidently, this was a wink at their previous feud with the Young Bucks while they were working for the WWE.

But, it doesn’t not stop there, as Zack Ryder, Tye Dillinger, and countless others had to change their names post-WWE.

Even the biggest stars do not escape WWE’s greed. In fact, John Cena admitted to giving part of his revenue from movies to the company.

It remains to be seen if the WWE will continue to get away with such tactics, especially since their stars do not receive any health insurance.

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