Matt Riddle Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit? WWE Releases Statement

Matt Riddle slapped with a sexual assault lawsuit

Speculation continues about former UFC and current WWE wrestler Matt Riddle. Female wrestler Samantha Tavel allegedly filed a lawsuit over sexual assault against Matt Riddle.

Samantha Tavel Files Lawsuit Against Matt Riddle

Samantha Tavel accuses Matt Riddle of sexual assault

Samantha Tavel claims that Matt Riddle sexually assaulted her after a wrestling event in 2018. The wrestler, also known as Candy Cartwright, claims a lawsuit has been filed.

The wrestler recently gave a press conference in which she recalled the events. Samantha’s attorney also made some strong statements against the WWE.

“The WWE, since its inception, has hyper-sexualized female performers and they’ve profited from male aggression against these female performers.”

Riddle now faces a sexual assault lawsuit. According to the lawyer, a lawsuit was filed at Cook County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit was also confirmed by Fox 31 Chicago.

As the news channel states, Samantha is looking for $10 million in compensation. Unfortunately, coming forward has affected the wrestler negatively.

Since coming forward with the accusations, Samantha has not been booked. Per her own statement, her wrestling career is pretty much over.

According to the filing, Samantha claims to be the victim of several sexual assaults. She also claims the “industry” is extremely toxic. 

It is expected that other women will come forward with similar accusations against the WWE. As Samantha prepares to take on entertainment giant WWE and its wrestler Matt Riddle, we will keep a close eye on the situation.

WWE Denies The Lawsuit Was Filed

Vince McMahon

According to the WWE, a lawsuit was never filed. They released a statement that the company was not served with such a suit.

“WWE has not been served with a lawsuit by Ms. Tavel. However, if served, we will vigorously defend ourselves and contest it.”

In addition to the denials of the WWE, Matt Riddle himself has denied any wrongdoing. While he denied sexual misconduct, he did admit to having an affair with Samantha.

Since the allegations came forward, the WWE did its best to distance itself from Riddle. In the following statement, they pressed the fact individuals are responsible for their actions.

“Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.”

“WWE’s ability to fine, suspend or terminate a WWE talent will not be, however, limited or compromised in any manner in the event incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct is presented to WWE.”

While the WWE has not been served, I don’t think it will stay that way. After all, we found the official filing by Samantha Tavel.

Matt Riddle now faces potential damages or worse. If Samantha Tavel can bring forward some evidence, then Riddle could be facing some serious repercussions.

Is There A Toxic Culture?

Jack Gallagher stands accused of sexual misconduct

There might be something to Samantha’s story. Just think about the number of women who have come forward over the years. 

Numerous wrestlers stood accused of sexual misconduct this year. In fact, several of those wrestlers were promptly released by their promotions.

One of the wrestlers was Jack Gallagher. Shortly after the allegations, he was released by the WWE.

Other wrestlers such as Jordan Devlin and Matt Riddle completely denied the claims. No further action was taken against them.

Aside from these stories, there have been other rumors in the past. One former superstar, Amy Weber claimed she was bullied.

There are other stories of female wrestlers dealing with a male environment. And it is no secret the culture in the WWE is not exactly pleasant.

With all the scandals this year, WWE will have to make some changes. Maybe it is time to change company policy?

Or maybe there should be stricter rules? Whichever it may be, the WWE must ensure the safety of female staff and talent.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out. It only takes one wrestler to open up a can of worms. 

If there is truth to the rumors, we should hear soon enough.

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