Gallows And Anderson Are Creating Their Own Business Empire

Gallows and Anderson are creating their own business empire

Gallows and Anderson are on their way to creating their very own business empire. This is good news for both men, especially since their WWE release.

Gallows and Anderson Relaunch Their Talk N’ Shop Podcast

Gallows and Anderson joined Impact Wrestling

Since their release from the WWE, Gallows and Anderson joined Impact Wrestling. By joining Impact, Gallows and Anderson are in direct competition with the WWE.

But this is not the only place Gallows and Anderson are focusing on in their business efforts. In fact, they recently restarted their Talk ‘N Shop podcast.

The pair are currently in a discussion with a craft brewery to release their own beer. To add to the different ventures, the popular tag team is also considering a line of red and white wines alongside Wine Savage.

And it does not stop there, because Gallows and Anderson are also creating their own animated series. 

The different business ventures are interesting to say the least. But there is a lot of logic behind it when you listen to Gallows and Anderson.

According to the tag team, it all began after their release from the WWE.

Luke Gallows said:

“You have to find the humor, and you have to express it through entertainment and through art. And that’s where Talk ‘N Shop A Mania came from, because we lost this amazing multi-million-dollar deal, so why not turn it into something that’s positive for our brand? Why not make it brand-building and generate some revenue for ourselves and our company? And I’m damn proud that we were able to do that.” 

Other Popular Wrestler’s Business Ventures

Gallows and Anderson are not the only ones who are looking to tackle some business outside the ring. In fact, countless other wrestlers started businesses outside the wrestling realm.

The Rock

The Rock’s business venture is probably the best-known. After all, he is the creator and the owner of his own tequila label.

In addition to his tequila label, The Rock is also a famous Hollywood actor. He also recently purchased the XFL in the hopes of revitalizing the football league.

Cody Rhodes also started his own business

AEW star Cody Rhodes also started a business venture outside of wrestling. While it is not that widely known, the wrestler does have his own boutique cigar brand alongside Frankie Kazarian. 

And the list continues with the WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin. This wrestler actually made a very smart business transition.

Stone Cold Steve Austin capitalized on his love for beer, and undoubtedly his wrestling persona. He branched out into the world of craft brewing and even into reality television.

Finally, there are also Nikki and Brie Bella. Not only do the twins have their own clothing line, they also have their own wine label.

It seems wrestling can be a stepping stone to countless endorsements and business ventures these days. Of course, the concept is not new, just look at Hulk Hogan’s career overall.

Gallows and Anderson certainly have the right idea venturing out into business projects. After all, wrestling is not the safest job in the world, and one can easily end up on the shelf or permanent retirement after injury.

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