Former WWE Wrestler Dies From Coronavirus Complications

WWE wrestler coronavirus complications

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of former WWE wrestler Johnny Meadows, who passed away from Coronavirus complications. The wrestler had been struggling with the disease since last month.

Johnny Meadows Praised Hospital Staff

Johnny Meadows dies of coronavirus complications

After being admitted to hospital, the former WWE wrestler kept friends, family and fans updated on his social media page. His last post read:

 “The family is so grateful for each of his cherished friends and the (Blount Memorial Hospital) staff that provided such great care and compassion.”

Unfortunately, the former WWE wrestler has now passed away due to Coronavirus complications. It is claimed that the wrestler had been on a ventilator since last month.

Wrestled With The All-Time Greats

Meadows and The Rock and Roll Express

Meadows had quite the wrestling career. In the 80s, he tag-teamed with some of the all-time wrestling greats. 

Johnny started his career at Southeastern Championship Wrestling. During his time there, he faced Big John Studd as well as Hector Guerrero from the famed Guerrero wrestling family.

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During his time in the WWE, WWF and NWA, Meadows formed a tag team with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Kid Cash and Dirty White Boy. He also faced Ric Flair and Abdullah the Butcher for the World Title.

After his wrestling career, Meadows started to chase a career in music. And he booked some amazing successes there too!

Not only did Meadows write songs for Selena Gomez and Julie Reeves, he was also nominated for a Grammy award. More than 3o0 of his music pieces were featured on radio and television.

A Truly Sad Month For Pro Wrestling

2020 is truly a sad year for pro wrestling, as many wrestlers have lost their lives this year. 

The news of Meadows’ death only comes a few days after the passing of Principe Aereo. The 26-year-old wrestler collapsed in the middle of a match. 

There is still some contention about how Aereo died. First, reports came in that the wrestler had died from a heart attack. 

Some time later, Lucha Blog claimed the wrestler died from a ruptured middle cerebral artery. It is currently unclear how the rupture occurred. 

Earlier in October, news came into our offices that British wrestler Ryan Smile had died at the age of 31. The wrestler died after losing his struggle with mental health. 

Only a day after it the death of Ryan Smile was revealed, more shocking news came. On October 15th, legendary German wrestler Karsten Beck died at only 33. 

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Karsten Beck died after a long battle with brain cancer. During the course of his career, he had an epic title match with none other than WALTER.

Beck was forced to retire from pro wrestling in 2016 due to his brain cancer battle. However, the wrestler never gave up hope that he would one day make a return to the wrestling ring.

Unfortunately, Jonny Meadows is the latest name we have to announce this October. We send condolences to all the friends and family members of wrestlers who were lost this month.

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