Deonna Purrazzo Destroys Fan On Twitter, RAW Ending Explained

Deonna Purrazzo Destroys Fan

Deonna Purrazzo isn’t just destroying the competition-Deonna Purrzzo destroys a fan on Twitter, too.

Deonna Purrazzo Destroys Fan On Twitter

Social media has enabled fans to be more engaged than ever-for better or worse. In one recent instant, things went bad-check out Deonna Purrazzo destroying a fan on Twitter.

Deonna Purrazzo Destroys Fan

It’s crazy to think that, in 2020, people are still so shallow.

Actually, it’s probably not shocking that they are shallow…but rather still amazing that so many are willing to put such insane views out there for the world to see.

Recently, a fan decided to pick on Purrazzo-the IMPACT Knockouts Champion, and a former NXT Superstar.

Here’s his tweet.

Now, I bet TJ assumed that by adding the last three words, it would come off as a compliment. It did not.

Purrazzo, ever The Virtuosa, dropped this response:

Fans and friends were happy to respond and offer support, including current Superstar Chelsea Green.

Now, apparently TJ is something of an indy performer. So either he’s really not smart, or he did this trying to get a bit more famous.

Maybe it worked? Or maybe it got him noticed for the wrong reasons?

RAW Ending Explained

If you caught the ending of Monday Night RAW this week, you might have been a bit puzzled by the ending. Now, that RAW ending gets explained.

Watching it live, you may have guessed that the ending was cut short or rushed due to time. A quick glance at the clock told me that while it was close, there was still some leeway.

According to PWInsider, the ending was actually NOT cut short. What we saw from the RAW ending was exactly as intended.

That was the RAW ending that Vince McMahon approved.

Now, there are a couple ways to take it.

On one hand, we are left wondering what happened after the show went off air. With fans being virtual, WWE could have cut them off and nothing further happened.

On another, perhaps Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton threw some punches, but considering the lack of witnesses, probably not.

Instead, it seems that this is the RAW ending explained: Vince McMahon wanted a cliffhanger, and that is what we got.

Honestly, when watching it live, I was surprised by the lack of an actual altercation…but not bothered by it.

For one thing, we’ve seen plenty of fighting between these two in the last several months. For another, there is something to be said for a well-done cliffhanger.

No matter what, there will be no suspense left come Sunday. McIntyre will once again defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton, inside Hell In A Cell.