WWE Raw Underground Cancelled?, Retribution Members Quarantined

WWE Raw Underground Cancelled

It is an interesting week for WWE. Not only are most members of Retribution in quarantine, WWE RAW Underground was cancelled too!

WWE Raw Underground Cancelled?

Raw Underground cancelled

The small percentage of viewers liking Raw Underground had an unexpected surprise this week. After all, turns out Raw Underground was cancelled! 

According to sources, Raw Underground did not take place due to a lack of filming. In other words, Raw Underground is pre-taped, but this did not happen.

As for the reason, we believe it could have something to do with the coronavirus pandemic. After all, numerous wrestlers are on the “not medically cleared” list.

WWE refuses to mention coronavirus in official statements. So, it can be difficult to determine what is really going on. 

Of course, not revealing the truth only causes speculation to increase. So, WWE might be shooting itself in the foot with the strategy.

Deemed Unnecessary

Raw Underground

If rumors are accurate, then Raw Underground was deemed unnecessary. Naturally, this could spell bad news for the segment.

Since taping did not take place, it is a clear sign WWE does not value the segment as much as they let on. 

It also shows us that pandemic issues in WWE could be bad. After all, numerous wrestlers are currently in quarantine.

By limiting their tapings, WWE tries to control the outbreak. Of course, the lack of previous measures is shining through now.

Let’s hope all the wrestlers in question recover. Coronavirus is no joke, even for a fit and healthy wrestler.

It remains to be seen if Raw Underground will be back next week. There is also a small chance that the segment will be cancelled permanently.

At this point, it comes down to how bad the alleged outbreak really is. If it is as bad as suspected, more cancellations and quarantine cases will happen.

There is a lot of speculation at this point in time. WWE could benefit if they were to be more open with fans.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic is still being hidden at the WWE. By revealing the truth, WWE could save itself more bad press.

Let’s wait and see what happens next. WWE surely has some work to do.

Retribution Members Quarantined

Retribution Quarantined

Wrestling fans were shocked to learn that Retribution would not make an appearance during Clash of Champions. However, there was logic behind the madness, as they reportedly are quarantined.

The current rumors are that Retribution tested positive for the coronavirus. Other rumors state Retribution was placed in quarantine as a precaution.

If the coronavirus rumors are accurate, then we will not see Retribution for another two weeks. But if WWE is starting to take precautionary measures, they are finally adhering to proper protocol.

WWE Under Fire For Lacking Coronavirus Measures


WWE faced serious criticism lately for their handling of coronavirus measures. In fact, the company stood accused of not adhering to coronavirus guidelines these past few months.

It remains to be seen if the company is taking the virus seriously. However, since numerous wrestlers are currently ‘not medically cleared’ to wrestle, we are curious just how bad the coronavirus pandemic has hit WWE.