WWE Deals With Another COVID Outbreak At The Performance Center

Performance Center facing another COVID outbreak

WWE does not have the best luck when it comes to keeping its staff safe from the pandemic. Now, there are rumors that another COVID outbreak has hit the WWE Performance Center.

Positive COVID Tests And Cancellations

COVID outbreak at the Performance Center

There is an alleged continuing problem with COVID-19 in the WWE. 

If the rumors are correct, then there have been a number of positive coronavirus tests within the Performance Center. These tests allegedly led to several Performance Center classes being cancelled.

In addition to cancelled classes, the WWE also changed their creative plans. These changes could continue in the weeks to come.

The WWE has not confirmed test results officially, but certain media channels have. One of the confirmations came from Fightful Select. 

WWE’s Wall Of Silence

Vince Mcmahon's weird moods

It is quite difficult to determine if the COVID stories are true or false. After all, there is a wall of silence when it comes to positive coronavirus tests.

A number of wrestlers were diagnosed with coronavirus this year. However, the large majority of infections were not made public. 

The most prominent members of the roster who received a positive diagnosis are Renee Young and AJ Styles

While it is general knowledge that there have been multiple positive tests, WWE has been sparse with information.

Jon Alba Reports On The WWE


The man who revealed the most recent coronavirus news from the WWE is Jon Alba. This is also the man who started to ask questions about the company’s coronavirus policies. 

Alba took a statement from a WWE employee to the local government, but that fell on deaf ears. Nevertheless, a number of anonymous employees claimed they were afraid to go to work.

The employees claimed there was little in terms of protection and social distancing. And the positive diagnoses within the company support that.

Another COVID outbreak at the Performance Center is just one of many developments. Despite the pandemic, the WWE seems to be keeping things on the downlow. 

The Importance Of Track And Tracing

Several WWE superstars furious with WWE for withheld coronavirus information

Many governments have adopted a track and tracing policy.

When there is a positive diagnosis, anyone coming into contact with that person is tested and isolated. It’s an effective control measure.

Unfortunately, by keeping diagnoses a secret, the WWE is working against this method. Obviously, they are more worried about keeping their business going.

Staff is not a priority in the WWE. Just look at some recent events, including the numerous releases. 

WWE is trying to control everything within the company, even if that could be potentially dangerous to the public. At this point, WWE should confirm or deny the positive diagnoses. 

COVID is not a seasonal flu and quite dangerous. If anything public health and the health of their staff should be paramount.

If there are positive diagnoses in the WWE, I hope the company comes forward. But at the moment, I do not believe that will happen. 

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