The Real Reason Why Jax, Bazler And Cross Aren’t ‘Medically Cleared’

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Nikki Cross not 'medically cleared' to wrestle

The rumor mill is rampant after it was revealed Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Nikki Cross are not ‘medically cleared’ to wrestle. However, the reason behind it could be quite straightforward.

Charlie Caruso Confirms Superstar Absence

Clash of Champions - Nia Jax not medically cleared to wrestle

A big reveal took place at WWE Clash of Champions. Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler or Nikki Cross were not ‘medically cleared’ to wrestle. 

The news was later confirmed by Charlie Caruso. Obviously, three injuries on the same match card is unprecedented. 

But it seems there might be a logical explanation for their absences. According to sources, Baszler, Cross and Jax were hit by the coronavirus.

If the rumors are correct, it means WWE is having a massive influx of cases. After all, three wrestlers hit with corona at the same time says everything.

Of course, the WWE will not admit anything of a sort if it is true.

WWE Does Not Allow ‘Coronavirus’ Or ‘COVID-19’


If the current rumor mill is correct, then Vince McMahon does not allow the words ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ spoken in relation to his company. In other words, he is trying to keep outbreaks on the downlow.

While you could understand it from a business perspective, it is unwise from a public safety perspective. After all, successful coronavirus containment is heavily based on track and tracing.

If Baszler, Cross, and Jax all have coronavirus, how many people they come into contact with are in quarantine? The answer to that is probably none, as it would stop production.

It is not the first time WWE had to deal with COVID. In fact, recent rumors indicate there is another outbreak at the Performance Center.

As WWE’s coronavirus problems continue, Vince remains remarkably quiet. However, this silence may not be to the benefit of his brand at all!

Is The Secrecy Hurting The Brand?

WWE coronavirus

Vince McMahon believes he protects the WWE by keeping coronavirus cases on the downlow. However, seems like he is doing the opposite. 

By not revealing positive cases, he is harming his staff. After all, everyone who came into contact with a COVID patient should be in quarantine.

It is widely known that the swab tests for COVID are far from accurate. In most cases, they only give a positive result upon the fifth day of infection.

To prevent issues, positive COVID cases should be tracked and traced. People who came into contact with them should be isolated.

Now, this is not happening in the WWE. If anything, Vince is more concerned with keeping production going.

If the rumors are correct, I fear for the safety of the wrestlers on the promotion. It is only a matter of time before COVID takes a casualty there.

Vince’s primary concern should be the safety of his performers. After all, a death might not be the type of news he wants for his brand.

Unfortunately, this may continue until a death happens. Fortunately, wrestlers are in good shape and only a small percentage are considered high risk.

In conclusion, WWE needs to start taking this pandemic a little more seriously. So far, they have been playing with people’s lives and safety.

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