Steve Austin Called Racist, Jimmy Uso’s Return, Road Warrior Animal

Steve Austin Called Racist

According to one former WWE Superstar, she believes Steve Austin is a racist. Also, the latest on Jimmy Uso’s in-ring return and some underlying health issues Road Warrior Animal suffered.

Steve Austin Called Racist

Steve Austin is one of the most superstars ever, which means plenty of people have their own opinions. Some are positive, while others are negative.

In particular, former WWE superstar Jazz spoke to Hannibal TV about her time in the company. She addressed several topics and stated that Austin was a “racist prick.” 

“Yeah, everybody was polite,” said Jazz. “I don’t recall anybody just being … you know I’m going to tell you that a standoffish person was Stone Cold.”

“He still would say hi but he would kind of just be in his own world. Always with the top top guys in their corner, laughing and bullsh—ing.”

“He was cool and Debra and I now I still chit chat with her every now and then just to say hello. If we see each other out at a signing or something, we always try to have a drink or something together. There’s nothing but love with Debra.”

“But, Stone Cold … I heard he was a racist prick so I ain’t got too much to say to him anyway.”

Over the past year, a few people have claimed Austin was racist. Although, many other wrestlers came to the defense of “Stone Cold.”

Jimmy Uso’s Return

Jimmy Uso Arrested For DUI & WWE Reacts

Currently, Jey Uso is working alone as his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, sits out with a torn ACL in his knee. The injury occurred minutes his WrestleMania 36 triple threat ladder match.

Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT noted how Jimmy is currently scheduled to return in January or February 2021. At that point, he will likely continue to team with Jey.

The timing is terrible as The Usos had recently returned to TV. They were removed for months as Jimmy battled court cases involving charges like DUI.

Meanwhile, Jey has found himself in a major storyline. He gets his first singles title match at tonight’s Clash of Champions against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The big story of the match is Jey trying to step out of the shadow of his real life cousin. Reigns is heavy favorite to win, but the bigger point of the program is to sell “The Big Dog” as WWE’s top heel.

Road Warrior Animal

Earlier in the week, the wrestling world woke up to learn Road Warrior Animal had passed away. He was 60 years old and tributes quickly poured in from wrestlers and fans.

During PW Torch Audio, Bruce Mitchell went into further details about Animal’s (real name Joseph Michael Laurinaitis) health. He said Road Warrior Animal had been dealing with heart and kidney problems.

Mitchell continued how the lifestyle during the Road Warriors run could have played a factor. Back then, partying with drugs and alcohol was a common problem in the pro wrestling business.

The death is currently listed as natural causes. There is no word if a medical examiner will go further into details. 

For now, fans can purchase a special shirt to honor Road Warrior Animal. 100% of the profits will go to his family.

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