Robert Roode Returning To WWE Soon, Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman Dynamic

robert roode returning soon

There are rumblings that Robert Roode could be returning to WWE soon. Also, some insight on the Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman dynamic.

Robert Roode Returning To WWE Soon

Robert Roode hasn’t been seen in WWE since the time before COVID. However, Robert Roode may be returning to WWE television soon.

robert roode returning soon

How soon is not absolutely certain, but according to a post from WrestleVotes, his return is considered imminent.

As in, possibly even this evening’s episode of RAW.

Roode has been off television since the onset of the pandemic. When travel restrictions were enacted by the United States and Canada, Robert Roode was home north of the border, where he has remained.

Now, it seems he may be getting close to working his way to Orlando and a return to television.

Such a return has to be a welcomed thing for both Robert Roode and the WWE Creative team.

It gives WWE another interesting character to do something with (hopefully). With some programs running their course, new faces are a good thing to have.

Recently, WWE has seen a couple bigger Superstars make their returns (Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn). From the sound of things, Roode will be yet another return, quite soon.

Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman Dynamic

By now, everyone knows that Paul Heyman has a new Superstar in his stable. Now we have some more on that Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman dynamic.

It’s clear that at least one reason Heyman and Reigns are paired together to get Paul Heyman back on screen.

Heyman has been sidelined for a while, in part because Brock Lesnar is staying home indefinitely. Also, Paul Heyman had his role reduced since being removed from his director position.

So, is Roman Reigns the next Brock Lesnar? While he may be filling that void, the Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman dynamic is different.

At first blush, making sure the dynamic is different is crucial. It would be seen as too lazy to just slot in Reigns where Lesnar would be and move on.

WWE is booking this new pair different than Lesnar and Heyman.

Fans can already note that Paul Heyman does not refer to himself as Reigns’ advocate. His mannerisms and presentation in promos is a contrast in how he’d perform with Lesnar.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this is all intentional.

No shock there, of course.

The angle they are working is that while Lesnar and Heyman seemed to have a strong relationship, Reigns views Heyman as a business manager.

Heyman is seeing Reigns as giving him a new job, since there is no Lesnar. Instead of being the advocate for Reigns, Heyman has called himself both the special counsel and tribal chief.

The reference to chief is interesting, as it brings up some of Reigns’ family wrestling history. Could the allusion to the High Chief Peter Maivia be an early way for WWE to lay a foundation for a Reigns-Rock clash?

That mega-match has been somewhat rumored a time or two, so I’d say it’s not out of the question. The challenge is both scheduling and the pandemic.

The schedule is driven by The Rock’s availability around his film shoots. The pandemic comes into play because this is not a match WWE would want to use on an empty or less than packed arena.

If WWE gets to have 2022’s WrestleMania in Los Angeles, a Rock-Reigns battle could easily be among the headliners.