Rey Mysterio’s Daughter Entering New WWE Program, Keith Lee Plans

Rey Mysterio's Daughter Entering

WWE has used the entire Mysterio family in storylines in the past. It seems this is about to continue with Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah.

Also, WWE seems lost with their plans for Keith Lee.

Rey Mysterio’s Daughter Entering New WWE Program

WWE teases romance angle between Aalyah and Murphy

The WWE has teased a romance angle between Aalyah and Murphy on Raw this week. So, it seems that Rey Mysterio’s daughter and Murphy might cause a little uproar in the weeks to come.

Speculation came after Mysterio’s daughter touched Murphy’s arm before getting in the ring. A subtle hint for sure, but quite obvious what the WWE is implying here. 

Dave Meltzer has also speculated about the rumored romance angle after this week’s Raw. In fact, he believes this story has only just begun.

 “Why gimmick the match up [with Murphy’s interference] unless you’re trying to do this thing where somehow Aalyah is getting hooked up with Murphy. That’s the angle. She’s getting hooked up with Murphy.”

Growing Up In WWE Wrestling

Aalyah grew up in WWE

It is not the first time that Rey Mysterio’s family featured on Raw. His wife, his son Dominik and even his daughter have appeared on the promotion in the past.

With Rey re-signing with the WWE, it seems the company has almost become a family affair. The angle with Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah and Murphy is certainly an interesting one.

Keith Lee Plans

No plans for Keith Lee

While the wrestling waves were speculating about the big push for Keith Lee,  things seem to have derailed. After all, his match against McIntyre went down the drain due to Retribution interference.

At the moment, it is believed WWE has no plans whatsoever for Keith Lee. In fact, they have no idea what to do with the recently called up superstar. 

Only a mere week ago, there were rumors about Keith Lee turning heel. However, this did not happen as he entered the match against Drew McIntyre as a face.

So, where is the WWE going with Keith Lee? And do they have any ideas moving forward?

Unfortunately, I don’t see many positive things happening for Keith Lee in the future. Historical evidence of other call-ups support that statement.

The Lacklustre History Of Recent Call-Ups

Shayna Baszler raw underground

Shayna Baszler is just one of the recent examples of WWE’s lack of planning. While she is now in the tag team division, she used to be a dominant singles champion in NXT.

When she came to the main roster, Baszler was almost an afterthought. As soon as she was beaten by Becky Lynch, she was but a former shell of her previous persona. 

And that seems to be the trend with most call-ups from NXT. Another unfortunate example were the Authors of Pain, which were recently released in spite of their initial push.

Being called up to the main roster has to be a near death sentence for the career of the wrestlers involved. It also explains why many NXT wrestlers have expressed their desire to stay on the black and gold brand.

While I hope I am wrong where Keith Lee is concerned, history seems to be repeating itself in this case.