Rey Mysterio Gets Immortalized With His Own Animated Series

Rey Mysterio Animated Series

WWE’s Rey Mysterio is an icon among Luchadores. Now, Rey Mysterio will be immortalized forever thanks to his own animated series.

Rey Mysterio’s Animated Series With Cartoon Network

Rey Mysterio animation

Rey Mysterio is getting his own animated show on the Cartoon Network. According to sources, the Luchador will be the main protagonist in his own series.

The cartoon with Rey Mysterio as the main character will be shown on television in Latin America. Rey’s series will be developed by Viva Calavera!

Viva Calavera is known to produce countless interesting games, animations, and artwork. Therefore, their cooperation in Rey Mysterio’s animation is very good news.

Rey Mysterio’s Response

Rey Mysterio Cartoon

Rey has done a lot during his 35-year career. While you cannot tell by looking at him, the Luchador has been around for a very long time.

While Rey is looking to slow down, he is not close to retirement just yet. So, this animation project is a lovely notch on his belt while he is still an active wrestler.

“After 35 years of career and multiple achievements, I was still missing something. I always wanted an animated series with the character of Rey Mysterio and when the idea was presented to me, I was immediately captivated.

Rey also had nothing but positive words for the people at Cartoon Network. 

“Working with Cartoon Network has been incredible, I can’t think of anyone better than this group to make this project a reality.”

There are not many WWE superstars who get immortalized with their own series. While there is a cartoon in the form of Camp WWE, this animation series has little to do with that.

So, Rey is certainly surpassing many of the big wrestlers who came before him. He will undoubtedly go into history as the most famous Luchador of them all.

Looking On The Bright Side

Rey Mysterio animated series

The revelation of the animated series could not have come at a better time for Rey. After all, the wrestler recently suffered an injury.

Rey’s injury could have been a whole lot worse. However, he will still be out for approximately eight weeks.

The news of the animated series keeps Rey in the spotlight, which is a good thing for a wrestler. In the meantime, his son Dominik continues to make waves on the main roster.

In recent months, Dominik walked in the footsteps of his famous father. As he developed his own style and gimmick, it is clear he has something unique to offer to the roster as well.

At the moment, it is unclear how long Rey will continue to wrestle. In recent years, he hinted at retirement a couple of times.

While we expect Rey to continue for a couple of years, he does not have that much longer left. Nevertheless, we could not be more excited about the release of his series.

Once Rey retires, there is a lot left for him to do in the world of wrestling. Whether he becomes a trainer or a something else, we are excited for the future of the Luchador.

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