Miro states his real opinion on Lana and Bobby Lashley Storyline

Now that Miro left the WWE, he can give his true opinion on the Lana and Bobby Lashley affair storyline. And his opinion is more enlightened than you might think.

Miro Believes The Storyline Was Handled Wrong From The Start

Miro believes bobby lashley lana affair storyline was done wrong from the start

Surprisingly, it seems Miro had no problems with the story idea itself. However, he did have problems with the way the story was handled as it progressed.

“A lot of things were made for one time pops. People thought it was the worst thing and it meant all these things. No, it was a one-time thing and a way to get people talking. At that time, the showrunner was about getting people talking and controversy. That’s how the whole thing happened. It was about the controversy and all that. We achieved that. Unfortunately, there was no follow-through. That’s what happens when you change people all the time. There is no follow-through.”

As Miro stated, the Lana and Bobby Lashley affair storyline certainly had people talking. But soon as the shock value was over, the pair got split up with little consequence.

Despite the strong statements from Miro, he still has to be careful not to criticize the WWE too much. After all, his wife Lana is still in the WWE.

Lana, The Best Heel In WWE?

WWE superstars being bullied daily

During his interview, Miro had nothing but kind words for his wife. Of course, Lana is still doing some excellent heel work for the WWE.

That being said, Lana is currently in a tag team with Natalya. Unfortunately, the pair has suffered an astronomical amount of losses. 

Just take a look at this recent match on Monday Night Raw:

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”CA2yMGc” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

At this point in time, it seems that the WWE has no intention of making Lana a serious contender for anything. Of course, this could be explained by Miro being at a rival promotion.

Or could it? After all, the WWE never used Lana for anything else than manager positions.

In Total Divas, Lana worked hard in order to be taken seriously as a wrestler. Despite a short stint in NXT and working on her wrestling skills, the WWE refuses to see value in her.

The Future For Miro

Miro's AEW Contract Details

While AEW has been criticized for Miro’s gimmick, the future looks bright for the star. Unfortunately, it appears he suffered an injury shortly after making his debut. 

Rumors are going around that the “Best Man” hurt his ankle during the tag match with Kip Sabian, Sonny Kiss, and Joey Janela. Nevertheless, Miro spoke kindly about his opponents on social media (keeping in line with his heel persona of course).

And it does have to be said, Miro showed his full arsenal of skills during the match. Makes you wonder just how many moves the WWE banned for him on TV.

On the flipside, Joey Janela – one of the wrestlers involved with the match – was criticized for several botches. And while I saw one botch, I didn’t think the wrestler performed as bad as some people say.

Either way, Miro s on the way up in AEW. And I can’t wait to see what good storylines await him moving forward.