Matt Hardy Takes Scary Fall At All Out, Tony Khan & Reby Hardy React

Matt Hardy Scary Fall

A lot happened during AEW’s All Out, but Matt Hardy taking a scary fall grabbed everyone’s attention. So, we have Tony Khan and Reby Hardy reacting while also providing on update on the wrestling veteran. 

Matt Hardy Takes Scary Fall At All Out, Tony Khan & Reby Hardy React

All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) All Out pay per view will be rembered for several reasons. The biggest story coming from the show was Matt Hardy taking a scary bump during his Broken Rules Match. 

Sammy Guevara and Hardy were fighting on-top of a lift. Guevara speared Hardy and both were supposed to land on two tables. 

While Guevara was okay, Hardy missed and his headed slammed against the concrete floor. The match was paused and the announce team stalled as fans were very concerned about Hardy’s health.

The bell rang, but the match still continued. Sooner after, Hardy would return and climb a lighting grid alongside Guevara.

Guevara was pushed off and he could not answer the 10 count, thereby giving Hardy the win. The ending seemed rushed and it is possible due to the bump Hardy took only minutes earlier. 

By winning, Hardy kept his AEW career going. Many believe he wanted the match to continue because of the stipulation.

During the All Out post-show press conference, CEO and President Tony Khan got right to the matter. 

Tony Khan Speaks On What Happened In Live Time 

“I just wanted to give everyone an update on Matt Hardy and say, most importantly, Matt is okay and he’s going to be okay,” said Khan (thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription). “What had happened was Matt had taken a fall in the match and I stopped the match, paused the match, and sent the doctor to check on him.”

“When the doctor checked him, he passed him and cleared him on the concussion protocol. He checked with Matt and then Matt came back after and passed the concussion protocol and he’s doing okay.” 

“I spoke with him after the match and talked to him again just now. He went, as a precaution, to the hospital to get some tests and check out that he’s okay.” 

“But it looks like he is okay and that’s why the doctor cleared him to continue. It was a scary moment, but the most important thing is that Matt is okay.” 

“We’re all really glad about that. I just want to give a note here at the beginning and say that the health and safety of the wrestlers is always the most important thing at AEW.”

“The doctor did clear him. Matt did not pressure him and Dr. Sampson would not be pressured into clearing anybody.” 

“I would never go against a doctor’s decision. “Most importantly, Matt would not have been able to overrule the doctor’s decision. Not with the doctor and not with me. That’s what happened.” 

“The doctor cleared him, which is the first and foremost important thing. At that point when the doctor cleared him and Matt said he wanted to continue, we allowed it to continue.”

Reby Hardy Is Furious

Reb Hardy is never afraid to speak her mind and she did not holdback after watching her husband’s fall. She tweeted a screenshot of their text message right before the match and immediately following the chilling moment.

For now, there is no word if Hardy suffered a concussion. It has been a rough month for Hardy, as he was busted open the hard way after Guevara threw a chair at his head.